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  1. I was thinking about that...doing gluten-free, Dairy free, and egg free...or at least giving people the option of ordering things that didn't have other allergy-producing foods. I can do a good gluten-free/dairy free product (even cheese cake, believe it or not!) but I haven't had much experience cooking without eggs. Is it hard? I think it's especially important for people with kids to be able to buy a nice birthday cake that the child can actually eat, and other kids at the party will not think is "weird". I love doing cakes shaped like legos, or teapots, things like that...and it's tough to make a *regular* cake like that w/o practice (much less gluten-free) so I'm thinking there's a market there. I remember my son's first gluten-free birthday cake...I ended up making 2 cakes because the gluten-free one looked so funny. I felt so bad for him! It stinks that your daughter got sick after eating a "safe" brownie, I think that's the worst part...finding fun, safe treats that you don't have to make yourself for your kiddos. Sigh.
  2. I have a good friend who has Celiac's also, and both of us have gotten good at gluten-free baked goods. Opal (my friend) makes incredible cookies and cobblers, and I've gotten good at a variety of fun birthday cakes as well as cupcakes, muffins, scones and the like. We have been tossing around the idea of doing a bakery, or a home-based baked goods business. Does anyone here have experience with that or thoughts on the subject? I'm not sure that I'm ready to take the plunge (I homeschool my 3 young kids so time is precious) but I've been thinking about it off and on for about a year now.
  3. I just found out I have microscopic colitis, I had been gluten-free for several years and had improved considerably but wasn't totally better. I have been on meds (pepto, of all things!) for the colitis and had really improved, so I slacked on watching the gluten content a little. I'm not talking about eating a slice or regular pizza or anything, just not looking for crumbs in my mayo and things like that. Wow! Whatever else may be going on, for sure I still have a huge issue with gluten. I got all sorts of rotten symptoms back right away, pains in the gut so bad I considered going to the ER (haven't had *that* happen before...yipes!) and in generally just really, really got reminded of why I can't have gluten. I don't know if it's Celiac's *And* colitis since I haven't had the official test, my suspicion is that the Celiac's created the inflammation that caused the colitis to linger but I guess I'll never know. At any rate, since the gluten-free diet is good for both problems I will be sticking to that (and looking for crumbs again) for sure!
  4. Boar's Head blue cheese is gluten-free.
  5. The Mission chips that I buy have "gluten free" right on the label, so they must be pretty safe! I eat them all the time and haven't had a problem. Their corn tortillas are gluten-free also, and the salsa flavor chips are gluten-free and yummy. Costco carries a huge bag of Mission chips, for dirt cheap!
  6. Ok, so I've continued to have D even since going gluten-free...my symptoms are much better and the other things (dizziness, rashes, water retention, horrible bloating and a whole host of other things) went away but the D still persisted. I had a colonoscopy last week to rule out other problems...it turns out that I have some weird form of colitis (can't remember exactly what she said, I'll have to ask her Monday). They told me last week that everything looked OK, so I was pretty much over my huge fear that it was cancer, but I was thinking probably it was IBS which means that I'd just have to live with it. Then I get the biopsy results today. So the miracle cure for this form of colitis is.......(drumroll please).......*Pepto Bismol*!!!!!! Pepto?!? Really?!? The dr. seriously says that taking Pepto 4x daily for 8 weeks will cure me of the D that has been making my life miserable for years now. Pepto! Who knew? Has anyone else had this happen? Did the Pepto really work? It *is* gluten free, right? I'm still LOL over this one. Pepto!
  7. My problems started after having my 3ed baby. I don't know if it was the pregnancy or the fact that I had surgery afterwards (tubes tied, I don't recommend it!) but it was just about 3 months afterwards for me, too.
  8. My son loves They Might Be Giants. They're not exactly contemporary, 'cause they were big when I was a teen...but they are still really cool. They have an album just for kids that is fun, or you could pick some favorites off itunes.
  9. WhoooooHoooo! It's over! And so far everything looks OK. There was an area of inflammation that the dr. thinks could be either just due to the procedure itself or maybe a bacterial thing (microscopic colitis maybe?) but other than that things looked OK. Whew! And I have to say, the whole process was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! The prep wasn't fun, but it wasn't that bad either. I was *totally* out for the whole thing and don't remember anything at all. The gas afterwards hasn't been bad either...I guess maybe because of my IBS that I've had for so long having D and gas is just no biggie. Anyway thanks for all of your support and help, it was good to have some BTDT advice yesterday! Cruiser Bob, how did it go for you?
  10. Ugh, I can't wait. So far I don't feel anything except slightly sick from the salty taste and the fruit juice, which I never drink because it makes me sick. Sigh. I guess that I won't miss white grape juice after I get through tonight and tomorrow and never want to see it again, since I don't really like it anyway!
  11. I'll be sooooooooooo happy if I get the IBS tag, at least that means it's nothing serious and then I can go about trying to find ways to make it better. But I share your frustration that there isn't a quick or easy fix! I wonder how many other people have IBS *and* Celiac's? Ugh, here we go....I'm on the first cup of white grape juice and what appears to be liquid dish soap. Same basic ingredients, anyway, according to the label. It doesn't taste as bad as I expected, but then again I'm only 1/2 way through the first cup and I haven't experienced the nasty results as of yet. Wish me luck!
  12. I'm nervous about the ride there, too...it's only a few blocks luckily but they have me taking the stuff starting again at 6 a.m., so hopefully I'll make it. dlp252, I'm glad everything turned out OK for you! I've had bleeding, too...it's been traced to an internal hemrroid, but I'm nervous that they'll find something else, too. I'm wondering if they'll say Chron's, for the same reason Cruiser Bob mentioned...it seems to be a popular dx right now. It's comforting that I won't be the only one sleeping in the bathroom tonight...what time is yours scheduled for? Mine's at 10:00. I'm praying that at this time tomorrow we'll both have a clean bill of health...at least as far as they can tell at the time. I am not looking forward to waiting for results, either.
  13. Ugh, I have a colonoscopy tomorrow and I'm really nervous about it! I don't know what I'm more worried about...the nasty prep I'm in for starting at 6 tonight or the procedure itself or the possibility of finding something really scary going on in my digestive tract. I'm sort of a mess! The good news is that I really like my new gi doctor. I had to wait *months* to get in to see her, but she's really good. She listened to all my issues and she was very knowlegable about celiac's. She said that judging from my symptoms it was probable that I do have Celiac's and she's not recommending (at least at this point) that I go back on wheat to dx for sure. She said that she thinks the gluten-free diet is a really good one for anybody with gi issues, so if I'm doing OK on that she thinks I shouldn't change it. I'm hoping she can help get rid of the D that I still have even on the diet....but at this point as long as I don't have anything serious going on in there I really am at a point where I'm ready to accept the fact that I'll just always have digestive issues and leave it at that. I'm so sick of the whole thing! Anyway, if it turns out OK tomorrow I will be so relieved. I just wish I could fast forward time and have it over with...I am so nervous!!!!
  14. My symptoms got worse after my last baby. I think, though, what is making it re-occur is that I usually have D....since going gluten-free it is much, much better and I suspect that's why the hemroids went away for a few years. I got glutened this weekend, which seems to have tipped it off again. I don't exactly get pain with this, but it does feel weird...sort of uncomfortable but not exactly painful. I wish that I could get my digestive system worked out totally...at least it's not as bad as it used to be, but I'd love to have a *normal* digestive system again!
  15. Ok, I"m embarrassed to ask but I'm really stressing over this and maybe someone here can help... What do bleeding hemroids act like? I have had blood in my stool about once a year for the last 5 years, it quit happening after I went gluten-free and the D stopped being as bad...didn't happen for 2 years and then has started again receintly. My regular dr. says it's probably hemroids, I know for sure I have one (she checked) and the blood is bright red, fairly often I can say that the bleeding happens after something like hard yardwork or working out. If I get glutened and have a bad week of D it has also set it off once or twice. I can't stop worrying about it, though... For those of you who've been there and know what hemroids are like, do you mind telling me what happens? If they bleed, how often? I know it's not a fun thing to talk about (I'm blushing as I'm typing) but knowing more about what to expect...and hearing that other people have this and it's *not* something worse...would really help. I have an appointment with a GI next month and I think if a specialist also agrees it's just hemroids I will feel OK about it...I just get really scared when that particular part of me bleeds!
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