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    Music, food, friends, dancing, cooking/baking, skating, shows, games.
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I am a 26 year old punky kind girl. My hair color has been just about every color of the rainbow and I have a lot of tattoos. I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease in April of 2012 and trying to get my health back, but it's a struggle. Looking for people to connect with that understand what I'm going through with all of this going on. I love to cook and bake. I love movies and going to see bands play. If you want to know more about me, get to know me. smile.gif

  1. Holy hell, my whole body is shaky and jittery from the extra steroids they have me on. This feels weird.

  2. Okay guys, I expect you all to have extra fun in my honor this 4th of July.

  3. I'm not dead. Just want to be. Xo

  4. Aaaaaaannnndddd, cue pre-surgery anxiety!

  5. REALLY wish I had some pain meds so I could have the ability to get things done that I need to do before my surgery tomorrow. Grr.

  6. And.... I'm officially done with thinking and hoping people actually give a fuck. Actions truly speak louder than words...

  7. Quote of the day. Mom points at dad's computer screen... "That looks like balls." Mmhhmmm.

  8. Hell has frozen over. For the first time ever, I willingly took a cool shower because I was too hot....

  9. Hmmm, since I can't go out and have fun with everyone, I might as well start working on my set lists for my next gig :D

  10. Everyone, have extra fun at pride this year for me. I hope I can celebrate with you all next year. Xoxo

  11. Staying home tonight...

  12. Anyone want to go to a baseball game tonight? Have an extra ticket.

  13. Happy Pride weekend everyone! Xo-from one of your favorite half-gay girls :)

  14. Even when I'm in a ton of pain, watching the movie Hook still makes me smile. I could still use some painkillers though.... this surgery needs to hurry up and happen...

  15. I try my hardest to be a strong person. Through out these last couple of years, always being sick in some way or another, not being able to go out like everyone else, it can take it's toll on a person. I keep finding out the hard way who my real friends are, and that also can take it's toll, but still, I try to give everyone as many chances as possible. It sucks to think that I have to let go of people I have known for so long, but people show their true colors when you need their support the...