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  1. My inner b*tch went back to hibernating today. I think all the gluten from last week is finally out of my system. I don't want to get like that again.....very depressing. All these chemicals and gluten in food is poison.
  2. I have no reactions with anesthesia. Actually when I get put under they have to give me a lot to keep me under. After the twilight I left after my husband brought me home and went shopping. I am taking Musinex D right now which is helping. I am better today....stabbing migraine is just a dull ache now but I am irritable and depressed. Been sick 3 days of my 4 day weekend and the weather still sucks. When I eat gluten and don't feel well I want to pack my bags and get away. Guess I have more gluten in me that has to leave my system. My last day off tomorrow and I better feel better.
  3. I get irritable and depressed. My husband said he can't wait until the gluten is out of my system. I had to go back on for the endoscopy. He said I have been a b*itch. He is right but he also doesn't admit that he is a PITA and caused me anxiety so that makes me worse. But yeah, my mood changes. And not for the better.
  4. Yesterday was my endoscopy. I was eating heavy gluten for a week and starting last Monday I have had migraines and sinus pressure really bad. Went off the gluten today. Whether I have celiac or not, I know I feel better gluten free. Just today my rashes disappeared. But the migraine and sinus pressure is still there.....to the point where I had to go to bed this afternoon, after doing a Nettie pot, taking a fioricet and ice packs. Just took my second fioricet now. Anyone with migraines and when will it subside? I don't remember having them this bad.Do I still have gluten in my system that has to leave? Last two plus months have been bliss with no headaches whatsoever until I glutened up this week. I am not talking a piece of bread a day, EVERY meal was loaded with gluten last week.
  5. The only thing I really miss is McDonald's Big Macs:-) I was gluten free for a little over two months and went back on for an endoscopy. I felt like I was polluting myself. Back on gluten free again and I think lots of gluten free stuff tastes good. Plus I am eating more fruits and veggies....It is a better lifestyle.
  6. You got that right....gluten is my enemy. And it would be great to have an official DX but if my thyroid labs are better, belly problems better, nasty rashes and sinus headaches go away...all by being gluten free then that is good enough. Only our bodies can tell us the truth:-)
  7. Hi, Went in this morning for my endoscopy. The doctor gave me the pictures and said I looked good but need to wait for the biopsy results to rule out celiac and h-pylori. He said if the results are negative I could still be gluten intolerant so I should go back to gluten free which I gladly did today. The glutening was horrible, especially last night eating diner food.....came home doubled over, looking like I was pregnant and I itched all last night. No gluten today and already I feel better. Felt so good after the endo, I went shopping but my husband yelled at me for getting in the car and driving off but seriously I felt fine, even after waking up in recovery. He drove me home and then was busy with his buddies in the garage so I planned my escape:-) The Dr also said if gluten free makes me feel better than stick to it. I think something is up because pizza, bread, pasta and cookies and beer totally ruin me. So now I wait for the result.
  8. New Planet has awesome gluten free beer! Angry Orchard hard cider is also gluten free. Believe me, I was a major microbrew girl until this happend. I will be going for my endo tomorrow. I went gluten free for a while and felt better but had to gluten up again for the test tomorrow.
  9. So if my endo comes out fine, should I go and see an allergist? I was tested years ago but not for food - it was all grasses, dust and outdoor stuff. And I definitely have malabsorption because I've dropped weight and not that food goes right through me but I can see it undigested at times when I go to the bathroom (TMI - sorry).
  10. Prior to going gluten free my entire low area of my abdomen and lower back was sore - no sharp pains, just felt "black and blue" on the inside. My upper stomach felt like there was a bunch of pressure and gas. It would release if I drank something carbonated to get the burp out. I was also constipated as well so it hurt down by my tail bone also. Add in joint pain and heaches. I am back on gluten for my endo on Friday and I don't have "soreness" right now but I am having a 'stitch" in my right side - it's not constant but I can feel it if I have to move around alot. I havent' od'd on gluten but making sure I get some into my system every day. Prior to all this, I ate nothing but garbage - all processed junk.
  11. I know the feeling! Were you ever dx'd by a doctor or did you just decide to go gluten free? I have a bunch of symtoms and pretty much self dx'd myself because when I went gluten free for close to 3 months, almost every symptom went away. I accidentally glutened also - eating out at restaurants - I can totally identify with the "hangover" feeling. Not sure what it was that I ate and I had wine instead of gluten free cider and back in the day I could easily drink 3 nice glasses of wine and feel fine. Now I get very ill from just one glass. I am back on gluten again so I can get an endoscopy on Friday. My tummy is starting to hurt but not like it did before (although I am eating gluten, I am eating fruits, yogurt and taking a good probiotic - something I never did before - never touched fruit or veggies - just at processed junk 24/7). And all my other symptoms - fatigue, bags under eyes, rashes, itchy eyes, achey joints - all came back.
  12. I am back on gluten now for my upcoming endoscopy but soy will make me sick and give me a headache. Milk and ice cream would bother me but not cheese or eggs. Sugary things bothered me too...I was reading that people with gluten problems can have soy, dairy and fructose problems also.
  13. Well completed day 5 and my guts don't hurt like they used to. I have eaten plenty of gluten and basically tripled my food intake. The only pain I have started today....feels like a "stitch" in my lower right side....it happens when I move around a lot. The constipation is coming back and the pressure in my upper stomach is still there. I am EXTREMELY itchy......like an allergy......I get a bright rash near one of my old incision sites from when I had my gallbladder out. This would happen before I gave up gluten for 2 months. I have to put hydrocortisone cream on it and take a benedryl. Plus my eyes are sticky and itchy, my sinuses are clogged and the morning headaches and sore joints are back. Bags under my eyes are starting and I am gonna sleep good tonight cuz I am extremely tired. Not sure what I will do if the info comes back negative.
  14. SSorry you have EE. But at least there is a medication for it. Not sure what this is as it isn't painful but just pressure. Not as bad today and don't know why. Gluten day 5 and my stomach isn't as bad as I thought but I have all the other symptoms which I will post. As form the h-pylori, no bloody vomit or stools. Keep us posted on your results on Friday and thanks form the reply as I will do some research on EE :-)
  15. Wow! Glad your mom remembered and told you! Good luck with your test. I am a smoker....about 5 a day and more on the weekends. I cut back last year from 1.5 packs a day....the symptoms started last year but the weight loss started about 2 years ago. I kept thinking it was because of my active dogs as I was always doing something with them. Then I thought it was stress due to a bad boss. Well dogs are under control, I have had a new boss for 6 months and if I eat breads and pasta I feel horrible. Doing that now for my test on Friday. Keep eating all the gluten you can until your test.
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