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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Mackinac Island, Mi

    We are good with fall weather and chilly I am sick of hot here in Louisville! I found out about that restaurant, mommida -- I'm just hoping since they says it's seasonal that it's still open when we are there. I love the idea of vegan soup in a gluten-free bread bowl! I also hate being in a panic over something to eat. I'm planning to pack a few GoPicnic meals and plenty of protein shakes/bars just in case there isn't anything of substance for me when we are out.
  2. Mackinac Island, Mi

    Mommida or anyone else who has been there recently - Did it look like there was an intersection of vegetarian and gluten free dishes on the gluten-free menus at Mackinac Island? We are planning a trip to Charlevoix and wanting to do a day trip to Mackinac Island, but it will make me sad if there's nothing I can eat. We've found a couple of places with gluten-free vegan options in Charlevoix, but I'm not able to find any actual gluten-free menus or even regular menus with gluten-free things marked for the places on Mackinac Island that are listed on my various gluten-free apps.
  3. I haven't had to have my Target pharmacy check for gluten yet, but I have been very pleased with their service. The pharmacist knows her customers by name, and they are always very nice and helpful. I'll have to get them to add that note to my file. When I asked about it the last time I got something filled at Walgreens they looked at me like I was crazy, then acted as if I had said nothing at all. I looked the medication up myself on my phone.
  4. Annie May's Sweet Cafe is a bakery that will ship gluten-free bread and buns. Their bread is delicious. Never had a bad thing from there. You can get doughnuts and cookies, mixes to make bread/pancakes/waffles/pizza at home, all homemade.
  5. Yes, it won't be the same as gluteny bread, no matter what. When I first went gluten-free, I bought brown rice bread and thought it was just okay, not the best, so I froze the rest of the loaf. Now, coming back to it after 5 months, it actually tastes pretty good and I like it. So I think it's just a matter of tastes changing and letting go of the "want" for something just like a gluten containing bread.
  6. Meijer carries them in MI/OH/IN/IL/KY
  7. When we had my mother-in-law's birthday party, my husband and I volunteered to bring the cake. We got a gluten-free & vegan cake from an awesome bakery (the same one who made my bday cake last year) and took it, and everyone loved it. This could be a good strategy for family events.
  8. You're very welcome -- I've been struggling with this myself and was just sharing what I have found so far. I forgot to mention Franklin Farms -- no crumbles, but good burgers and veggieballs for spaghetti or subs. I LOVE the veggieballs with some marinara on a Schar sub roll topped with mozzarella (vegan Daiya in my case).
  9. I Can't Believe That Just Happened......

    This also makes it difficult for those who are intolerant or not formally diaganosed and choose to eat as if they were celiac -- no cheating, avoiding CC, etc. It becomes an issue of "Well, so-and-so eats just a little bit on occasion, so surely it'll be okay for your too." I know my body well enough now to know that it is not okay for me. I don't understand why people get so angry or offended over someone else's food choices, be it gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, whatever.
  10. Sol Cuisine makes a lot of gluten-free meatless products, and one of them is crumbles, though none of the stores around here have that particular variety. The sausage patties and tofu ribs are good though. Beyond Meat is fairly new and is a gluten free chickenless strip that comes in 3 flavors. Sunshine Burgers are gluten free. Earth Fare has a store brand gluten-free veggie burger. Costco has a Don Lee Farms gluten-free veggie burger in the refrigerated section near the meat. Lightlife's new grillable Smart Dogs are also gluten free.
  11. I totally don't understand people asking for a bite of someone else's food. I mean, it's one thing if you are offering someone a bite, but to actually ask someone else if you can sample something they are already eating? I feel like that's rude. I can't say it's something that has ever crossed my mind to ask someone. I haven't really had this exact situation yet, but I'm sure I will soon. My plan is to bring my own food unless someone is ordering from a place that is on my safe list or has a dependable gluten-free menu. I went to an Arbonne party at a friend's house and she was a wonderful hostess -- both me and the consultant are gluten-free, and my friend ordered us all a salad from one of my favorite restaurants, with their gluten-free ciabatta bread and a gluten-free dessert. Everyone ate gluten-free and they all loved every bit of it. So far I've been the hostess for my BBQing and I've forced everyone to eat gluten-free so I don't have to be afraid of any leftovers being CCed.
  12. I have the best luck when I find local places with gluten free menus or menu items. They're the ones that get it better than the chains. I think it's probably because it's hard for a chain with a few thousand locations to maintain a consistent level of quality and service, especially when it comes to something like a gluten free menu. One location might do an awesome job, while another might have a kitchen staff that just doesn't care or doesn't know what they are doing, and therefore do a very poor job. With a small, one location establishment (or a small local chain) it is MUCH easier for the owner to maintain control. The gluten free menus at these places were put there for a reason, and the owner is right there and really cares about making sure everything is executed properly. Not to say there can't be missteps there as well, but I seem to have the best luck with local places and I believe this is why -- easier quality control from the person whose livelihood is on the line if the restaurant fails.
  13. I don't think you stabbed anyone in the back by choosing Applebee's...you are learning and you learned something there, no? That's what matters.
  14. Right, the cornmeal can still be milled or packaged on the same equipment that wheat or a mix containing wheat was previously packaged on, which would be the reason for the allergy statement. But as I understand it, a statement for a shared line is not required, so it's possible it could be made on a shared line and not stated on the package. Bob's Red Mill makes cornmeal -- Laura Lynn is Ingles brand and my mom finds quite a bit of BRM stuff at Ingles.