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  1. janpell, the gastro doctor I saw about 2 weeks ago said: "you don't fit the profile". And the gastro symptoms are just IBS. He must have gone to the same medical school as your doctor.
  2. I used to wake up thinking there was or had been an earthquake as my bed shaked me awake. One night I checked on the internet to see if there had been an earthquake in my city: no. So next time I woke up feeling the bed shake, I waited quietly and I realised it was me.
  3. Well said Flaykee, I saw an idiot doctor back in the fall of 2010 after I felt better after I went gluten free. She told me not to get tested because it's too expensive. She could have sent me for a tTG at the hospital. This year after reading on this forum, I went for the full panel at ...
  4. I could relate to your post. When I first went gluten free I had so much energy that I could exercise without injuries. I wish I had been properly diagnosed like a class mate in high school. I wish I could turn back the clock. Enjoy your success. 
  5. "Bioactive vitamin D or calcitriol is a steroid hormone" source: http://www.vivo.colostate.edu/hbooks/pathphys/endocrine/otherendo/vitamind.html
  6. Hello powerofpositivethinking, In a Celiac book by a Dr Burns that I got from the library... in the children's section so I don't know if applies to you... he says that positive blood tests but with no villi damage is classified as Latent or potential celiac. I'm still on my gluten challenge...
  7. Hi powerofpositivethinking... When you get tested for vitamin D, make sure it's both D.25 and D 1.25 My D.25 was low normal and my D 1.25 was over the limit. D 1.25 is the active form your body makes. Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone. I cringe whenever I hear TV doctors saying to...