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  1. Deaminated Marcus

    Endoscopy Question

    GottaSki, yes I will do. My PCP gives me copies but I'm not sure if it will include the pathologist's report. I'll have to find out where to get it if my PCP doesn't have it. powerofpositivethinking, I was told by the gastroenterologist to eat bread for another 4 to 6 weeks as I was off it for 3 days. I'm not sure about this as I was sore already from eating the hotdogs and the bread yesterday. I got a letter from my PCP to tell the lab they made mistake so I don't have to pay for the test again. Thank you notme! Best of luck freeme808.
  2. To me, your DGP - IgA test is valid. As others have said before you don't have to be positive on all the tests on the panel. That is lack of knowledge on the doctor's part. Here is some information on the DGP - IgA sensitivity: 82-96% specificacy: 93-96% Disease_long_FINAL.pdf Here is another article about DGP-IgA
  3. Deaminated Marcus

    Endoscopy Question

    Thank you GottaSki and notme! for confirming about the next day cough and throat tickle. I'm not sure why it makes my lungs feel wet and itchy but I seem ok this evening. I dreaded seeing that gastroenterologist as he was very dismissive during the initial pre consult but my PCP had insisted that I see him because he does a seperate pre consult in the month prior vs the others who don't bother anymore. Also I didn't mind waiting as it gave me a chance to get some gluten in me after having been gluten free for 2 years. The other nice thing about this gastroenterologist is that the hospital he uses is very very clean compared to the other dumps I've been to in my city. And the staff were friendly in a professional manner. First I had a consult with a nurse who asked questions and then she explained the procedures with diagrams on boards. She inserted a needle line in. Then I waited a long time with others in a waiting room. There were several doctors doing the procedures. Then I was called by my gastroenterologist's nurse. She took me to the exam room and she explained a bit more. Then she sprayed my throat and she attached the drug tube to the previously inserted needle and she explained what I was to do. Then the doctor came in and we had a very brief exchange. He was in good mood for a change. First they did the upper endoscopy but I don't remember anything. Then when I was getting the colonoscopy I started to get the wet cough. I do remember seeing images about 3 times on the TV but I didn't know what I was seeing and I fell back to sleep. Later during the colonoscopy, I felt huge pains like I had a broom stick moving around and I moaned. During the second moan they must have cranked up the drug as I fell back asleep and later I woke up in the recovery room where another nurse was talking to me. After the recovery room recovery, I got dressed and I was sent to get my driver-friend and then we went to see the doctor. Powerofpositivethinking: He said he didn't see anything in the upper endoscopy. This surprised me as I've been having heat behind the sternum and and breathing problems and my PCP suspected GERD or reflux. The gastroenterologist had given me some drug to take for that in the month ago preconsult but I didn't want to take it till I get a diagnosis after scoping. I asked and he said he took 6 samples for Celiac. He was visibly concerned at finding some small ulcers in the ileum. He asked about my NSAID use which I hardly use and he said it could be Crohns. He told me not to take any aspirin for my heart. Ironically at the pre-consult over a month ago he denied I could have Crohns. He said it will take 5 weeks for the pathologists report to be ready so I think his report will be after that. He was rushed for the next procedure and he left. I had a big meal last night. Last night my left groin was sore and aching. My belly feels bloated and sore now but that could be the 4 hot dogs and the bread and the salad. I was planning to go gluten free after my intestines were cleaned out but last week the lab technician did the wrong test. She did the DGP-IgA and my PCP ordered the DGP-IgG so I'm back on gluten (whole wheat and gluten hot dogs) till I can get that test redone. Thank you for your support.
  4. Deaminated Marcus

    Endoscopy Question

    Thank you greenbeanie, I'm reassured now. Did the nurse say how long it would last. I still felt an itch to cough today. I wish the preop nurse would have told me that beforehand or that I had been told by the procedure nurse. I saw the a bit on the TV but not much as I was in and out of consciousness. Some said in the forum that the upper endoscopie was painful, but I barely had a sore throat after. I woke up during the colonoscopy coughing from the prior endoscopy. The colonoscopy was able to check into my ileum part of the small intestine. Best of luck with your upcoming endoscopy.
  5. I was expecting the endoscopy to be scary and painful and the colosnoscopy to be a breeze, but it was the reverse. About the endoscopy, after it was done and they started the colonoscopy I had the urge to cough as if I had some droplet in my throat or lungs. Has anyone else had the urge to cough after an upper endoscopy, within minutes and into hours after?
  6. Deaminated Marcus

    Igg And Ige Testing

    Hello I'm in Ontario, I went to an allergist to go the IgE skin scratch test for food allergies and environmental allergies. That one was covered by the provincial health insurance. I also did the IgG 220 food intolerance panel called Genarrayt through the Gamma Dynacare laboratory. I needed a blood test requisition from my PCP to do this test. My PCP was cooperative to give me the requisition. It wasn't covered by my provincial insurance, I had to pay for it: $325. I don't regret it as it pointed out foods I had missed in my food diary like peas and cinnamon and many more. The only down side to this test is that there were a lot of foods tested that are not commonly eaten in Canada. It included Gliadin IgG and tTG IgG. They also gave a pamphlet explaining what to do with the results. Click on Food IgG intolerance testing They also have the blood allergy test. I didn't do that one. If your doctor doesn't want to give you the requisition for the Genarrayt food intolerance test and you still want to do one, Rexall pharmacy does a test called HEMOCODE ™ Food Intolerance System but they are more expensive. Its food list is different but they have more common foods found in Canada and includes food chemicals. It doesn't include a Celiac test. nvsmom... good for you for finding a doctor that got at the bottom of your health problems.
  7. Deaminated Marcus

    My Test Came Back

    Best of luck with your diet improvements and keep us informed about your health progress.
  8. Welcome janmar63, Go chat with the ladies in the Dermatitis Herpetiformis section. They are very knowledgeable. ................................................................................................................ Added: The quick on and off skin response sounds like a wheat allergy. You might want to be refered to an allergist to be tested to see if you have a wheat allergy as this would be easier to confirm or eliminate than Dermatitis Herpetiformis testing.
  9. As teen I had the same time pattern. I thought it was anxiety and a gastro-doctor told me it was Lactose intolerance. A high school classmate was diagnosed with Celiac. I wish that gastro doctor I saw as a teen had tested me for Celiac. But now that I'm looking back to understand Celiac, I wonder the same thing: why was it worse in the mornings? Added: maybe when the stool moves more slowly at night, it has time to irritate the colon. vs in the daytime our movement speeds up the stool transiting in the colon.
  10. Deaminated Marcus

    I Had My Endoscopy Today!

    LOL You can get your fiber from fruits and vegetables like broccoli. Dates and peanuts have lots of fiber. A past doctor recommended I eat Whole wheat bread to get more fiber and it was after that my health started to fall apart. Right now for my gluten challenge I'm eating white bread because the brown bread makes me ache even more. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the answers you were looking for.
  11. taynichaf, with your Celiac testing experiences with doctors so far you know they know squat about how write up a Celiac blood test requisition. I looked up my local labs to compare their Celiac panels (3 labs) They were all expensive but one offered more. One lab offered 4 tests as part of their panel. I got the price and the TEST CODE from their web site. Then I phoned the lab to double check the accuracy of the information as they still had old Celiac panels that they weren't offering. I had talked about it with my doctor prior and he wanted me tested as well so he was ready for the next step: I gave my doctor the actual TEST CODE in writing and he wrote it on the blood test requisition. We double checked that it was the write TEST CODE. I went to the lab with the requisition sheet got the blood test done. Don't expect the doctor to know what she's doing LOL. You have to do your homework as listed above BEFORE you see her. You're the boss; she's your employee. Good luck.
  12. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver in 2010. Then I went gluten free for 2 years The subsequent ultrasounds no longer detected fatty liver. I can't prove going gluten free cured my fatty liver but here are some articles that say it does.
  13. That's terrible Marie, I hope you can put that bad experience behind you soon. They should test the patient first to see if they are sedated enough.
  14. Deaminated Marcus

    Partial Blood Test Results

    Hi greenbeanie, That is so frustrating that the doctor doesn't know about the importance of theTotal IgA blood serum test and that she wouldn't listen to you. How dumb can they get. ? Are you in Canada? My Celiac panel was almost identical except it included the Total IgA. Can you go to a walk in clinic with your test results and ask another doctor for the IgA test? Yes the DGP-IgG is the newer of the Celiac tests and very specific. "When tTG-gliadin undergoes hydrolysis (steals a water to cut the two apart), the result is deamidated gliadin. Deamidated gliadin peptides are more inflammatory relative to natural peptides. " It is 75 to 95 % sensitive and 99 to 100 % specific page 12 of So I'd say to focus on doing that one again in a few weeks. Maybe you should chat with the ladies in the Dermatitis Herpetiformis section. Maybe that is another way for you to get diagnosed. Good luck and keep us posted.
  15. I hope that by chance you get to meet a new bona-fide gluten free pal