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  1. Thanks again everyone! You all scared the poop out of me and it was exactly what I needed, seriously, thank you. I haven't cheated once since the post. Because I was over all my food options I've also been treating myself to a gluten free (and vegan) delivery service once every 2 weeks to keep things...
  2. Thanks everyone! I'm back on track for sure. I didn't realize it's actually been 4 years since I found out I had celiac and I think it's craving what you can't have or just being sick of the same stuff at this point. I live near a few dedicated places with plenty of options. I'm going to look up...
  3. I can't do eggs in omelet context. but everything else looks good! I think I need to make more time for meal prep too. Work/life balance is hard in general.
  4. Thanks guys! I've been keeping my little one gluten-free until he is closer to 2 and can be tested. The list looks awesome, I think I need to treat myself to some new healthy options. What's everyone's go to for quick dinners? We cook every weekend for the majority of the week but sometimes I need...
  5. Hi All, I've been gluten free for a few years and am a mommy to an awesome 1 year old boy! I was so strict during my pregnancy and while breastfeeding but lately, for the first time since being diagnosed......I've cheated....I'm not proud, but I had a bite of graham cracker, a bit of cake, a...
  6. For all those following, I went on pinterest and bought everything anyone said worked quickly. Having a grocery store in walking distance of your job is a wonderful thing. I picked up some ginger candies, sweet tarts, jolly ranchers (the apple ones are suppose to do the trick), gluten-free pretzels...
  7. Thanks so much! We are so excited! I normally love yogurt (siggi's in particular) but had a hard time getting it down yesterday, trying to get my protein in is a bit hard. I'll try applesauce, peanut butter and banana, thanks! Luckily a co-worker has mints and that just helped tremendously. I also...
  8. The last post related to this was from a few years ago, I hope it is ok that I started a new one. HELP! I am 8 weeks and am so incredibly nauseous on and off all day which I know is a totally normal thing. I would give anything to have ritz, vanilla wafers and saltine crackers. I have tried...
  9. thanks for all of the info, Greens has been my favorite so far. Beer is just never going to be the same May just stick with cider or gin! I don't get gastro problems really, so it's good to know what is really gluten-free and what I should stay away from! Doing my best to be as strict as possible...