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  1. I always take the gluten free Culturelle. There are several different formulas of Culturelle.
  2. I guess that's okay if you aren't milk sensitive as so many of us are. I seem to have a lot of sensitivities to...
  3. Thanks. That's what I thought knowing WHO's leanings. Its always hard to determine how accurate a study is as the data...
  4. One thing I noticed in your original post is that you said the report refers to "processed meats". If I'm not mistaken...
  5. I went gluten free a year ago to see if it helped with some of the issues I'd been having. It did help with some, not...
  6. cashs mom

    Food and Supplement Sensitivities

    I take only certified gluten free supplements. And at 63, no doctor is going to prescribe HRT nor am I going to take...
  7. cashs mom

    Food and Supplement Sensitivities

    Some of the ones he had me taking were not gluten free and I discontinued those last May. I have been checking everything...
  8. cashs mom

    Celiac.com: Don't Be Going Gluten-Free

    I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion
  9. I've been looking for a new doctor for my gluten sensitivity and other problems. I'm not altogether happy with the one...
  10. Thanks, 1desperatelady (Love your user name. It's the way I'm feeling right now). I"m going to have to look into functional...
  11. I'm certain that I have a gluten sensitivity. I've been gluten free since May 2015. For a few months I was doing really...
  12. cashs mom

    No Sleep?

    I'm going to have the doc check for thyroid problems as my mother had them at about the age I am now (63). I'm really...
  13. cashs mom

    No Sleep?

    I don't do caffeine after morning. I'm not sure about magnesium oil, I have so many sensitivities and magnesium capsules...
  14. cashs mom

    No Sleep?

    I haven't tried tryptophan. I had a bad reaction to melatonin and it kept me awake so I haven't tried anything else...