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    Animals including chickens and turkeys. Nature. People and volunteering to make the world a better place.
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  1. Hi. I'd like to weigh in-- mostly whine- although I was unable to get into that article cited above. I'll try later. I have had kidney stones which started at age 15, recurred at 30 y.o. and later around 50 y.o. More recently I have had them again more frequently but not at the pain levels I...
  2. Goodness--what a list! Hangnail? I certainly have a number of the issues on there. Will be interesting to see which ones disappear. I am getting educated here. Just called my favorite pizza (gluten-free) to see if they cook and prepare them separately. No they don't. And, I realize that while...
  3. Sorry about the oats. I decided I don't care enough about oats to buy certified gluten-free. I'm too cheap. I am fortunate to be able to eat dairy. I don't swap out gluten-free snacks either. I don't need them and many are empty calories. I discovered pretzels awhile back and couldn't come to terms...
  4. Wow. That was a lot of reading but I did get it. I thought I knew about Celiac but I need to pay closer attention. For example, I recently started eating regular oatmeal and felt bad. It took a few days to put the pieces together and research it to discover there is an issue of cross contamination...
  5. Greetings: In 2010 I had a blood test tTG IgA with a reading of 101. I have not gone on to get the biopsy done because truthfully I will do anything to avoid a needle. But, also, it seemed pointless since the blood test was so high. My aunt had severe celiac and that is why I asked to...