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  1. I like the L'Oreal Color Vive line... and yes, you're worth it!
  2. I found some at on on-line grocer (I googled "kraft cheese powder") and got some in a can that's meant to be sprinkled on popcorn, etc. It's the real thing, thank GOd Someone else mentioned to me that since a box is really so cheap, why not just throw out the noodles and use the cheese package...
  3. Well, I keep saying one of these days I should reintroduce cheese and see what happens (it's been 7 months!!). Maybe I'll make my own on a Knickiknick english muffin? It would be close.... er, closer anyway... Funny, there's not much I miss - but this sure is one of them!
  4. What I wouldn't to for a Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit...
  5. I wonder if you could make your own? Can you use any of the egg-beaters or replacers? Mayo is just eggs and oil whipped together. If you have an egg replacement, you could experiment from recipes. Maybe?
  6. Judy - yes, sadly, soybean oil has always been in mayo. Until now!! You'll be happy to know that Hellmann's has a canola mayo out, I've got it right here - it's very good too. Ingredients are canola oil, water, whole eggs and egg yolks, vinegar, salt, sugar,lemon juice, natrual flavors, calcium...
  7. I wrote to Chapstick freaking out about the overnight lip balm I use - here is there answer (similar to cshaw's): Thank you for contacting us regarding Chap Stick® Overnight Lip Treatment, Chapstick® Medicated and, Chap Stick® Lip Balm-Regular. Your interest in our products is appreciated. ...
  8. [quote Well, I had an eye-opener this weekend. I realized I do not sweat nearly as much at other places. My husband and I went away for the weekend for our anniversary and I didn't sweat at all. I had noticed this too when I visited my sister, in-laws etc. Got back Sunday night to our place and...