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  1. My dad was diagnosed 10 years ago with Celiac. He has been eating a gluten free diet ever since. He recently had an endoscopy done because he has problems with GERD. The doctor took a biopsy. He just got his results and it says no evidence of Celiac disease. Does this mean that he still has...
  2. My daughter was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago with celiac. The doctor never mentioned any follow up. Should she followed annually with the specialist? I am not sure what they can do once she is diagnosed.
  3. My daughter had an upper endoscopy in Feb and came back inconclusive. She had another one last week, and just found out today it was positive. I was told that if you have beginning stages of celiac, it will not show on an endoscopy, there needs to be more damage in order for them to correctly diagnose...