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  1. I ate out just having a salad, I'm going through regular contamination results, wondering if anyone has had blurry vision for a day or 2 after
  2. about 8 months..I was anemic before getting diagnosed but I'm not no more and not diabetic, all I have wrong with me is hyper thyroid and Celiac..this with my feet just started a couple of days ago seems like after I had Chinese food which I know the owner and asked for them to be careful because of my condition the only thing I know they used was to make an orange sauce, I asked not to use soy sauce....so I relate my feet to that day just wondering if anyone else has had same symptoms
  3. has anyone tried Caulipower pizza crust or pizza already with toppings, it is delicious I buy the plane crust and add my own sauce and mozzarella and oregano, it is so delicious they sell it in the supermarkets.....
  4. I have celiac and was wondering if neuropathy is related to it? I never had it but seems like if I eat something that I think might have cross contamination I get tingling and burning in my feet.
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