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  1. Before being diagnosed with Celiac I was admitted to hospital with erratic heart beat they couldn't get my heart regulated was ready to shock my heart but medications got it back in proper rhythm. I was put on heart meds. Meantime I was already scheduled for endoscopy for celiac test results were positive. On return for follow up with heart Dr. I asked him if my erratic heart rhythm could be from celiac and he informed me that it was a definite, he immediately weaned me off heart med. Hope that this will be helpful for celiac patients.
  2. I too won't eat gluten free pizza out and the reason is that I'm sure there using the same ladel to spread the sauce on that they use for regular pizza that is my opinion of what is making it not gluten free I doubt that they have a separate pot of sauce with a separate ladel...
  3. ok thank you for your response....its myself that is going to make them I just try them with salt only .....
  4. My husband read somewhere that plantains are not gluten free. Is this true ?
  5. thank you so much for your quick reply. It was Walmart brand Advil
  6. has anyone had a reaction from taking Advil?
  7. I ate out just having a salad, I'm going through regular contamination results, wondering if anyone has had blurry vision for a day or 2 after
  8. about 8 months..I was anemic before getting diagnosed but I'm not no more and not diabetic, all I have wrong with me is hyper thyroid and Celiac..this with my feet just started a couple of days ago seems like after I had Chinese food which I know the owner and asked for them to be careful because of my condition the only thing I know they used was to make an orange sauce, I asked not to use soy sauce....so I relate my feet to that day just wondering if anyone else has had same symptoms
  9. has anyone tried Caulipower pizza crust or pizza already with toppings, it is delicious I buy the plane crust and add my own sauce and mozzarella and oregano, it is so delicious they sell it in the supermarkets.....
  10. I have celiac and was wondering if neuropathy is related to it? I never had it but seems like if I eat something that I think might have cross contamination I get tingling and burning in my feet.
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