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  1. My body seems to be rebelling. On top of all the daily fiery diarrhea, the inflammation in my stool samples, super low B12 and D, today my urine had blood and protein in it. I have no signs of a UTI. No pain, no fever. I just wish wish I had some answers! Seeing a new GI in 3 days!
  2. I'm hoping this new GI i'm seeing next week will actually look at it even though I'll only have a few days on it.
  3. For those of you that havent gone gluten-free yet because you are working towards a diagnosis like I am, do you or did you keep a food diary? I'm thinking of starting one to track what I eat and how it affects my stomach and neurological symptoms.
  4. Interesting. I have low B12 ( reading 100), low vitamin D (reading 10) and my hemoglobin is a 16. I never thought about these being related to each other. My hemoglobin has been high for a couple years ( right about the time my stomach issues started) but no one ever checked my vitamin levels until...
  5. I have an appointment next week with a new GI at Baptist Hospital
  6. I've been fighting an IBS diagnonis for years despite tests that clearly show its something else. I tried the FODMAP diet. It didnt do squat for me. Personally I'm in the boat of IBS is a trash can diagnosis.
  7. The only thing he found on the colonoscopy was a polyp and he mentioned that my colon looked "streaky" whatever that means. I have photos lol. I guess I need to look up more about Crohn's. To be honest no one has bothered ruling anything out except for my primary care dr when she ordered the celiac...
  8. I believe it was Calprotectin ( I'm sure I'm spelling that all wrong) and Lactoferrin. Same exact stool test results I had a year ago and everyone ignored and acted like I was crazy
  9. I have not done gluten-free yet because I want all the testing done first. Everything ive read says IBS will not show inflammation in the stool. Parasites and candida have been ruled out. SIBO has not been tested for. I do have a first blood blood cousin with Crohn's disease...
  10. My blood test shows no evidence of Celiac ( I don't have the actual numbers. I'll get that Monday). But today I get a call from my Dr that my stool study is back and it still shows inflammation ( the one last year did too but the GI said it didn't mean anything). So my insides are inflamed...
  11. I have had NO breath tests done. Just blood, stool, colonoscopy and endoscopy. I'm sorry. I'm feeling so discouraged. I just know its going to be put down to IBS. And I personally feel that IBS is a throw away diagnosis when no one wants to investigate further.
  12. 1. My thyroid was tested and is in the normal range. 2. I'm not taking any medication so nothing to interfere with test results. 3. My endoscopy showed multiple ulcers and that's what the GI chalked up to my very rare ibuprofen use. I use ibuprofen maybe once a month if that....
  13. I got a referral to Baptist Hospital. I'm really hoping this GI is better than my last one. I just want someone to listen to me and help me.