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  1. BlackShoesBlackSocks

    Drinks at the bars?

    l'm not a big clear alcohol- drinker but l've been sticking with vodka based mixed drinks. Most of the add...
  2. Hello again all, And Happy Holidays! l did 23andMe reports recently (ancestry only). From what...
  3. BlackShoesBlackSocks

    Sjogren's Test Q's

    Oh my goodness, yeah, definitely did not have that. l thought it was just a basic dry eye test. l do but...
  4. BlackShoesBlackSocks

    Sjogren's Test Q's

    Btw l dont think l had the ''Schirmer's Test'' unless that was the machine with flashing lights help up to the eye? No...
  5. BlackShoesBlackSocks

    Sjogren's Test Q's

    Thanks so much. Yep, l always blamed allergies and my left eye as like an ''allergy hangover''. It took me...
  6. BlackShoesBlackSocks

    Sjogren's Test Q's

    Thanks They did a few months back and l had the 4, D3 25K RX'd I so l am good there. l went into the underweight...
  7. BlackShoesBlackSocks

    Sjogren's Test Q's

    Hey! So l went to the eye doctor, finally, this week and got prescribed Resatisis. l am hoping it will work...
  8. well, we're in sort of similar positions but can l ask what made you go gluten-free 3 years ago? You've kept...
  9. BlackShoesBlackSocks

    Rite Aid Generics (Sudafed)?

    Thanks. l may be over thinking starch, most sources say it's usually made from corn or potato. *mostly* ...
  10. So l have some generic psuedoephedrine from Rite Aid without a lot number and no box. l called the pharmacy and asked...
  11. BlackShoesBlackSocks

    Pre diagnosis Symptoms

    Not exactly but, when you have the rocking motion, does it feel sort of out of body? l really related to Awol's post...
  12. BlackShoesBlackSocks

    Clubbed Nails...flattening?

    lm pretty surprised they never thought about gastro issues or celiac. l was around 10 when my mom said the docs also...
  13. This is so crazy to me. my nails have been clubbed since childhood, not anything as severe as what you would see in pics...
  14. l'm almost 30 days gluten free and l also believe l will give it up again soon. l didnt smoke weed regularly for a solid...
  15. l relate. l have had very little 'powerful' cravings for gluten though, like sometimes mentioned. If l really wanted...