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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Drinks at the bars?

    l'm not a big clear alcohol- drinker but l've been sticking with vodka based mixed drinks. Most of the add ins are pretty straightforward (vodka cran should be hard to sneak gluten into, l hope). If you patronize some regular spots, especially chains, you should feel totally fine about emailing CS and asking any questions. l've only had to this once, l wasn't sure about Margarita mix. It's pretty dependent on where you go, you can even ask the bartender what kind of margarita mix is used and ingredients may be available online. Check out the drink menus, at first l needed to read ingredients for countless brands and types of alcohol but you'll find that the same liquours are used frequently. Avoid whiskey, of course. Tequila, in most cases, unless incredibly cheap and not brand named should be gluten-free from what l understand. l'm a big wine drinker but have mixed drinks when out.
  2. Hello again all, And Happy Holidays! l did 23andMe reports recently (ancestry only). From what l've read about the health reports, there are more accurate services and tools you can use with the raw data, so l didn't purchase the somewhat pricey health report from 23andMe l used some free services and did pay 20.00 for this NutraHacker report. Not a diagnostic tool but at least covers HLA types. l'm still gluten free but taking a break from seeking a diagnosis with doctors, was wondering if this information means much. l got as far as understanding that the pair HLAdq 2.2 (both snps?) are detected in most patients. So l'm homozygous for one of the snps but the other is not detected at all, not making me part of this haplotype. Anything else l should know? l'm assuming my 'risk' is on the low end with the 9.1 percent DQ2.5, in the table. Thanks! NutraHacker_Celiac_Report_Customer_22772543-7064-45ed-a559-ec4dc3ed6eae.pdf
  3. Sjogren's Test Q's

    Oh my goodness, yeah, definitely did not have that. l thought it was just a basic dry eye test. l do but no dental problems or even cavities, my teeth have been my rock. My mouth is gross TBH so l'm not sure how, l'm drinking more water lately. l'm unfortunately a smoker (again) after being a non smoker for years. well, at least a social smoker who never bought a pack since around 2006. So l always feel like everything going on in my mouth is gross and my fault But l will say l had a nasty layer of nastiness on my teeth quite often before l picked it back up. l'm just wishing l would have done celiac testing done before going gluten free and that Sjohren's could explain some of the crossover, l guess. l know l'm feeling better but thinking about retesing and eating gluten again is getting stressful, on the one hand l want to just know as soon as possible and on the other, really don't want to do the gluten challenge and doctors again. l did also find some cheaper testing options though (celiac/gluten intolerance) with walkin labs. Maybe silly but l am anxious about being gluten-free for the holidays and gatherings and not having some proof, just for myself. lm also going to ask again about shots, l was referred at one point but didnt follow through. Now l see l really dont want to be and probably shouldnt be even on claritin to totally let the dry eye situation correct itself so l'm more serious about that.
  4. Sjogren's Test Q's

    Btw l dont think l had the ''Schirmer's Test'' unless that was the machine with flashing lights help up to the eye? No ''mm'' result or anything, but they called that an eye pressure test. No puff test now.
  5. Sjogren's Test Q's

    Thanks so much. Yep, l always blamed allergies and my left eye as like an ''allergy hangover''. It took me way too long to understand that unless something is damaged, it shouldnt hang around that way when l'm reacting to anything or after an attack. For me it's primarily one eye which might be weird but IDK. My left eye is mostly a grayinh color now where the whites are, with what looks to me like ''staining'' or a discoloration. l asked about that, actually like 5 years ago. the doc did say dry eye but ''a little dry eye''. The pain is really my main symptom. l don't think l would have figured out it could even be dry eye, the left eye does water and overcompensate though but without googling l never would have thought '''Oh, my eye feels dry''. The eye itself looks kind of odd and almost bigger than the seemingly normal one and the damn foreign body sensation. They burn but l have blamed ingredients in sunscreen for that, sometimes it is! But maybe it just worsens it because l was never sensitive to most skincare. Not sure if it's a weird case or what but l will take the dry eye treatment route. The doc said headaches and allergies and also the allergy meds have probably compounded it. And k had a pressure test that was normal, very glad because l always felt like the pain was pressure directly on my eyeball. She did the eye stain and numbing drops, and dilation and flashed lights deep in and by the time it was all in l really felt like my eyeball got rolled around in there so l'm glad to know there's nothing wrong with with it. But yes, because my right eye feels fine it can work for the left one. when covered l can't really read or see well out of the dry one anymore so l was getting worried about leaving that untreated. sometimes a bit of double vision if overworked, maybe the imbalance. And oh, antihistamine drops definitely do make it worse. l went to the UC once and they rx'd zaditor, l used one drop and put it aside. lf l have to l'll take something systemic or maybe go back on Flonase but indeed, my eyes get crusted shot with the drops. Adding fish oil back in, too. If neg on a test l wouln't be utterly shocked:P l would like to know if l have a reason for thinking being gluten free might help me, l did notice my vision ''ease up'' for lack of better explanation. Things seem to be in closer focus now, in my good eye, anyway, and even the bad one has probably improved. sometimes l almost had a tunnel vision thing pre gluten-free. But if positive at least l can just present the results to a doc and know for myself that l should continue gluten free.
  6. Sjogren's Test Q's

    Thanks They did a few months back and l had the 4, D3 25K RX'd I so l am good there. l went into the underweight range so thyroid, D, potassium, and maybe some other things lm not aware of were screened for. The D and the potassium was low but all else normal. There are a number of causes, l always blamed allergies but after years of treating allergies, lm glad l mentioned it the meds don't help. It's interesting that bowel and digestive symptoms are also listed in Sjogren's, l am still experiencing it but with some weight gain now l find it all a little less anxiety inducing
  7. Hey! So l went to the eye doctor, finally, this week and got prescribed Resatisis. l am hoping it will work, l didn't mention anything about suspected celiac or possible dry eye connection. l was happy enough to have the doc confirm and get something that might help the pain and inflammation. l think being gluten free in combination with the Restasis might hold a little more promise than just the Restasis or either alone, it doesn't seem to work for a lot of people. l got curious tonight and read about some tests l can order myself for Sjorgren's. pretty inexpensively-SSA-SSB. What l'm wondering, if this is at all possible...could my gluten free diet affect the results at all? They test for completely different things than anything Celiac related but being gluten-free has shown to benefit many of the Sjogren's patients. l see no reason being gluten free should affect it, l don't know much about labs but did read that ANA labs can be affected, though (less obvious positive results while gluten free). l'd love to just take the test this week and have an answer, it's not accurate in all people who might have this, but, the dry eye, Raynaud's, and dry mouth really stand out to me and testing for something while still being gluten free would be reaaalllyy convenient, without having to go back to gluten yet.
  8. well, we're in sort of similar positions but can l ask what made you go gluten-free 3 years ago? You've kept the diet for quite some time so where the health problems serious? at the time was seeking testing not an option? For myself, l absolutely tried everything to gain weight after losing January 2017. By April/May l started wondering how on earth l could be eating : regular meals, Boost shakes, fast food and sodas and candy all day, pretty much daily and still be losing. Some of these meals at home were pasta packed which, at the time l really thought goulash and cans of chef Boyardeee would help me gain And years of headaches, brain fog that l didnt know what to attribute to but never suspected celiac until the weight loss, and legs and feet that hurt constantly (l didnt really know this could be due to gluten but it relived after being gluten free). l am only about 2 months in, l did take a really basic TTG ia test after getting a response that my GI would test ''at some point'' and not being clear when that was, and very tired of being 97 pounds and scared of losing more! so l now also have to wait to be tested more extensively, but l have gained some weight and gave noticed some changes. Did you have any improvements after going gluten free? If the test l did take had just been a clear ''no'', l dont know how motivated l would have been to do this. It wasn't a clear yes, either, but designed like a drug or pregnancy test so the weak red line does signify at least some sensitivity. Typically the longer you wait, if in fact you are sensitive or even have celiac disease, the harder the challenge may be so l can understand the anxiety. l am planning for about 6 months. l could not handle going back on a gluten containing diet with my current job as well, and especially not during holiday retail season! l would start very slowly. Is your new job going to be stressful? You might want to get a feel for the environment first and how you're going to deal with it on days when you might be feeling like utter crap >.> A headache that feels like a band around the back of my head and eye pressure was something l dealt with on my bad days before being gluten-free. It's not easy to function and when l did, l wasnt a nice person or very efficient. You can start slowly, and please font be too concerned about fitting all of your challenge into six weeks, IMO. l wouldnt think of it as just a short term binge. Yes, you want to get it over with, but if you really fall apart and dont think you can even consume gluten daily, maybe try to do what you are able to do and if the time period gets stretched to 8 weeks or maybe more don't panic. it should be difficult at first and even a shock to your system, but even though you will likely not feel well the entire time you're challenging to retest, maybe by a few weeks in the symptoms will be slightly less severe and you can find ways to ease them. Any meds that you have taken like nsaids, a steroid, even Flonase helped me but l really dislike the side effects. If the process in general with doctors and asking about this also gives you anxiety l would really recommend the walkinlabs recommended here. After 6-8 weeks, order (around 300 so plan for it financially). That will be your answer, make sure you have truly waited enough time to be properly tested and order the most extensive tests. It's not something you want to have to repeat but l know l am not looking forward to it either! You will have your answer though, which, even if negative will be satisfying.
  9. Rite Aid Generics (Sudafed)?

    Thanks. l may be over thinking starch, most sources say it's usually made from corn or potato. *mostly* But l (TMI?) did get my period early after posting this so maybe the headaches and general hating life was due to that:P l hate suspecting gluten for everything. Does anyone know how often pregelatinzed starch really is made from wheat? On most food they would list it but with otc drugs l dont think so.
  10. So l have some generic psuedoephedrine from Rite Aid without a lot number and no box. l called the pharmacy and asked about the gluten-free status and just got a phone number. It seems many companies make their generic products so without a lot number getting some info wasnt a direct process, l shrugged it off and assumed it was probably gluten-free. No ingredients online but the Rite Aid PE lists pregelatinzed starch. For a few days im getting an increasing headache behind the eye and some dizziness and fatigue. l do have sinus problems and the sudafed can help, so l would like to take one! But really hate to think l am causing this if the starch or other ingredient may be contributing, Anyone know the status of their allergy and sinus meds in general or about the sudafed? l just wanted to save a few bucks but will definitely now just buy brand name!
  11. Pre diagnosis Symptoms

    Not exactly but, when you have the rocking motion, does it feel sort of out of body? l really related to Awol's post. When l was about 5-9 years old l had what l thought were experiences being lifted out of my body. l think l told my mom once but l was an odd kid and l also told her l thought l could fly with kites outside so eventually l probably stopped saying anything, LOL. Now for the spinning/put of body, it always happened while watching TV, l cant remember what foods l would have been eating before but it was likely after dinner so very possible. It stopped pretty suddenly around 9 and l cant remember it happening since. l have had some extreme space outs but nothing like it. The only thing l ever came up with while searching was epilepsy, which l do not appear to now have or had in any more obvious form. Maybe it was just vertigo!
  12. Clubbed Nails...flattening?

    lm pretty surprised they never thought about gastro issues or celiac. l was around 10 when my mom said the docs also tested for lupus! l am not a lupus expert by any means but it seems more rare in kids and l had none of the symptoms. This would have been '94. One of the first things l noticed after going gluten-free was wayyyy less pain my feet and legs in general, but l'm not sure if toes were clubbed. l don't think so. Thumbnails still have have the dip down and sharp rise up and are extremely wide, but so are my mom's thumbs, lol. Maybe just giant thumb genetics
  13. This is so crazy to me. my nails have been clubbed since childhood, not anything as severe as what you would see in pics if you googled it but enough for doctors to mention. l noticed today at work the front of my nails looked different, kind of smaller l kept staring and eventually turned my thumb and fingers to the side and my fingernails now just go directly outward without the downward curve. Thumbnail still curls slightly downward. Does anyone else have/had clubbed nails? In some cases it can be heart, lung, or autoimmune related. l've had EEGs and ECGs (may be mixing the purpose of these two up) and no detectable heart defect. But now they look flat after about a month gluten free! Also my hands look a little straighter and less pronounced at the knuckled nelow the nail, they looked almost arthritic for some time.
  14. l'm almost 30 days gluten free and l also believe l will give it up again soon. l didnt smoke weed regularly for a solid decade. l didnt smoke it all for over 5 years. Looking back, even at 17 l was trying to fix something 'wrong' with it but just had this defective feeling l assumed could never be explained. My other fixes were massive amounts of sugar in the morning which somehow made me feel less...overall gross and anxious, and able to deal with the world. Add caffeine. well, it has anti inflammatory properties, this could legitimately help. l think on the other hand while waiting to feel better l've really leaned on it with some emotional dependency, and a little bit of just plain boredom trying to pass this time period. l do think it's a solid distraction and it's at least one 'reward' (to my brain's conditioning) that makes the lifestyle change a little more fair ad easier to adjust to. l can't get a donut, but l can have an edible later sort of thing. l'm certainly not using alcohol as a crutch and have in the past, my birthday was this month and vodka shots all night was the only alcohol l've felt was necessary since:P There are people with latent or undiagnosed problems and conditions of all sorts marijuana use might mask, and relieve in some way. It may be unhelpful for the signs to be masked when it means we've continued to contribute to what might be causing it (in this case, eating a regular diet and binging on bagels). But it's probably something a lot of people have experienced, l wouldn't change my teens and early 20s, there are a number of reasons l may still have used marijuana.
  15. l relate. l have had very little 'powerful' cravings for gluten though, like sometimes mentioned. If l really wanted something carby l'd get a baked potato. The only challenges for me currently will be financial and awful meal planning skills. l really think sticking to the diet is possible for you! But it is very hard to stay motivated when you begin to think that there may be another cause for your issues and in times when non gluten-free foods are not around in a pinch. My plan is to stay gluten-free for around 8-12 months, and wait for a time that l can start eating gluten again for 6 weeks. If l'm not feeling too terrible, maybe 8-12, l know even then l really won't want to, but starting slow may help. If you are concerned about your doctors, there is labwork you can order and post here, then send to your doctor's office if necessary. It's tricky if you cant stay on or off for long, but at least 6 weeks and some planning might be doable. Do you have anything you can use during the time you're back on a regular diet to help? l get a lot of nasal and congestion problems, and headaches which Flonase and some antihistamines can help with If working with the doctors trying to get the right testing while being on a gluten containing diet stresses you out, again the walk in labs or entero labs might eliminate that anxiety and you can have your answer. It might be best to wait for a time when you know you have few stressors in your life, l'm definitely not going off the gluten-free diet for the holidays and have no time to fall apart and feel awful at work during the busy season. Quite honestly l am a medical marijuana user and while still eating a gluten containing diet, it eased a lot of the symptoms. l got it for migraine and persistent eye pain and pressure, it wasnt something l'd done regularly since l was young but had forgotten how much it can return you to your baseline (or at least mask some issues while being possibly glutened, if this is the issue). Plan ahead and find something that will help you personally, cope! And try to ride it out to be retested! It is important to know both for motivation and health, and so that we don't unknowingly ignore something else that might be going on.