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  1. desirun

    terrible symptoms, need feedback

    My daughter is 13. She was diagnosed last August. She also had horrible neurological symptoms. We went to a highly recommended...
  2. My daughter dropped from TTG's of 50 to 18 in two months gluten-free. Keep up the good work!
  3. To clarify, did the endoscopy come back completely clear? Maybe the results are being misread? Do you have a copy of...
  4. Agree with above- retesting her TTG antibody levels should shed some light on the situation.
  5. desirun

    23 and Me- Celiac Gene Testing

    True, we could both be! TTG testing approved, genetics are not in our case.
  6. Soccer tournament went great. Thanks for your tips and support. Excellent suggestions that helped.
  7. Has anyone done this genetic test yet? My daughter has Celiac, and hoping this is an accurate/less expensive way to...
  8. desirun

    Cookie Sprinkles Safety

    Are decorative cookie sprinkles with gluten-free ingredients but made in a facility that manufactures wheat considered...
  9. desirun

    Digestive Enzymes

    great post.
  10. I need help, my 13 y.o. daughter is 9 weeks post diagnosis, still feeling icky, but wants to travel and play in her ...
  11. Ditto above. Run for the hills. Find a new doctor. There is nothing more toxic than a physician treating an illness he...
  12. desirun

    How many times your child go to poop a day?

    Agree with Cycling Lady. My friend's daughter with Celiac is chronically constipated and takes Miralax daily. My daughter...
  13. desirun


  14. Hi Phoebe- We're paddling up stream in the same boat. I have a 12 year old daughter who was diagnosed with celiac...
  15. desirun

    Biopsy results

    If it were my child, I'd keep him off of gluten and dairy as recommended by the dietician, especially since he's not...