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  1. I'm not in college, but in retrospect that's when I started having issues. Basically, I was really tired back then. I thought I was overtraining because I was running so much at the time. I found out I was anemic. I am still struggling with over-training issues, and I still have trouble identifying...
  2. Well my gran had some kind of grain intolerance (Not 100% sure on specifics because it was the 1940s) and her sister had MS. I don't think this is a coincidence.
  3. Wow, vitamin K is in coffee? I'm set! I don't think I bruise easily, but I am definitely a klutz, so I have bruises all over my legs from doing stupid klutzy stuff. They show up because I'm so pale. My gran bruised very easily, and I think my mom does too.
  4. Oh cool, that's the one gluten-free cookbook I have so far! I'll have to look into that.
  5. You know, I was eating a lot of sourdough last week when I had to eat gluten. (Thank goodness that is over.) Now that I think about it, my sandwiches (with sourdough) didn't make me feel tired or sick like the bagels and pizza did. The other big difference was that I was eating lots of meat at the...