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  1. I spoke with my Dr today about MAOI's and she doesn't know much about them so I'll be looking for a psychiatrist/psychologist. She did have some samples of Trintellix that I can try. It's apparently a kind of mix between an SSRI & MAOI. It's a fairly new drug (used to be called Brintellix). I wasn't able to find Trintellix on pill box by name search. Has anyone tried it or at least know if it's gluten free? It's not listed on either.
  2. Hmm, I haven't taken it for several days @PammyAnne. I had never tried it before up until a few days ago so I have no idea if it actually was causing anything.
  3. I did have my gallbladder checked less than a year ago and it was fine. I removed a lot of corn from my diet a long time ago because I know the body has a hard time really breaking it down. I haven't been strict with it, though, so I'm sure it's still in my system from medicine or other food. My diet has fluctuated a lot in the past few years due to health reasons (celiac, high cholesterol levels). My body also has a hard time processing vasoactive amines, which is in a lot of food. I can eat foods with the naturally occurring chemical in them but I try to avoid it if possible (can cause flem build up, headache, among other things). Just an FYI, I stopped taking the Zoloft because I was having intense suicidal thoughts. For now, I'm back on Paxil, at least until I can figure out what else I can take. Something in the Cymbalta and Zoloft were causing the same problems for me as far as diarrhea & a lot of bile being produced. Since I went back on the Paxil (it's been 2 days) the diarrhea has calmed down a lot, and, starting today, I'm able to keep down fluids fairly well.
  4. I tend not to eat greasy food and avoid it when my stomach is having issues. I test my blood sugar often and haven't had direct emotional changes from high or low, just physical, ie shaky/weak, lose train of thought (when low) and tired when high. I don't think I have a problem with corn. I've never noticed side effects from eating any type of corn (corn chips, corn on the cob, popcorn, etc).
  5. @TexasJen I've been taking Cymbalta/Paxil for many years and never had a problem with diarrhea (until recently because of Celiac's). I know it's not just a side effect from switching because I'm now requiring less insulin, as well as the distinct smell like I had mentioned before. I'm also not getting as much energy as I normally would from the food I would normally eat. I looked up the Emsam but dismissed it because of how expensive it is but I'll ask my Dr about the MAOIs next week. @knitty kitty I've had type 1 diabetes for the past 28 years (since I was 7). Sorry if I'm not responding directly to everyone but know that I'm reading all your responses and taking everything into consideration. I've been doing hours of research every day and I'm exhausted. I slept 10 hours last night.
  6. Thank you for the info @knitty kitty. Were the sulfers in the SSRI/PPI/NSAIDs also damaging your small intestines or just causing symptoms?
  7. I've been researching Compounding and seems hopeful, but the pharmacies I've called so far (only 2) made it sound like there's nothing for duloxetine (Cymbalta) that's gauranteed gluten free. I figured they would actually take each active ingredient and make the medicine, but the pharmacists I talked to made it sound like all they would be doing is breaking up an already made up duloxetine tablet or capsule... Still have a lot of research to do on it but ty for mentioning it @cyclinglady I had no idea that was even a thing.
  8. @cyclinglady I heard that there were problems with Armour Thyroid when it came to gluten a few years ago. I thought it was no longer safe? @Megamaniac I had forgot to put that in my original post that I have a lot of issues with anxiety as well. I've never actually been officially diagnosed with a type of depression/anxiety/etc, but I've had problems with that ever since I was pretty young (I think before puberty). I'm sorry to hear about your medical field experience. I've actively sought out doctors (and got lucky having a great primary dr) over the past few years since very few seem to know much about it. The fact that a doctor would laugh at a patient for anything is pretty infuriating. Sorry to hear that. I went to a gastro that barely listened to a word I was saying and only offered a short term "solution" so I never went back to him.
  9. Thank you for the info cyclinglady! As far as repeated celiac antibodies testing, I think my dr had me tested for that several months ago, and it was improving. I think that's when she had mentioned that "you're an 8 now and you used to be a 12". That was about 3-4 months ago if I recall. As far as my thyroid, I don't ever remember my dr mentioning anything like Hashimoto or Graves, just that my T3 levels were off. When I went to the dr recently (4 days ago), she had mentioned that I HAVE to take a synthetic or natural Rx for it (like Nature Throid) and said I basically can't just stop taking it, and if I stopped taking it that, worst case, I could end up dying.
  10. So, where to begin... I was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 2.5 years ago and have been trying to fully heal since then. I knew prior that I had celiac disease but didn't know how serious being gluten free needed to be if you have it. My intestines got so damaged that I had no energy (needed about 12 hours of sleep a day when I normally would sleep 8) and could barely function. I ended up having to quit my job because of how much time I had missed (had used all FMLA, vacation, etc) and spent about 5-6 months recovering till I had enough energy to work a 32 hour/week job but even then was calling out because of gluten exposure. The biggest problem for me has been Rx medication. Food has been hardly an issue at all, at least in comparison. I currently take 2 types of prescriptions and have had problems with both over the past 2.5 years; Hypothyroid medication (T3/T4) & SSRI for depression/energy. I used to go between Paxil and Cymbalta. I would be on one for about 9 months, switch to the other, and repeat (because of the immune system's "short term memory"). I've had a lot of trouble with generic brands and more recently have been using only name brands because they are the only ones now that are listed as Gluten Free on, but, now I seem to be having problems with them as well. My doctor has told me that I'm very sensitive to gluten (I think she said I've ranged from an 8-12?). I'm not sure what scale she was referring to, but I know I'm very sensitive based on how my body's reacted to the smallest amount of gluten. When I ingest gluten, my body seems to react by my gallbladder producing a lot more bile (this is most noticeable about 8 hours after I consume gluten), which causes me to have severe diarrhea for about a week (it's basically all liquid). I take my Rx medications everyday, so it's non-stop diarrhea, which makes it hard to stay hydrated. The more water I drink, the more I just end up ****ing it out. I've been taking Benadryl at night because I heard it can help with upset stomach for people with celiac disease. Before I started taking the Benadryl at night I was waking up after about 6 hours of sleeping with extreme stomach pain (too much bile in my stomach?) and having to rush to the bathroom, and would be in there for about an hour. I'm very in tune to knowing when I'm getting gluten exposure for 2 reasons: 1) the slightest amount will cause my stool to get softer and I can smell a difference when I go to the bathroom (my guess is it's from the bile, which has a strong odor), and 2) the amount of long acting insulin required for me per day is less depending on how damaged my small intestines are (I have type 1 Diabetes). I started taking Cymbalta 60 mg about 2 weeks ago and notice severe gluten exposure. I was on it for about 5 days and stopped taking it for a day to see if the symptoms lessened and I couldn't see a difference from only a day. I tried to stop taking it for 2 days but the withdrawl symptoms were too severe (intense sadness/hopelessness, strong suicidal thoughts, etc) and I don't even remember if the gluten exposure symptoms lessened because I could barely function mentally. I'm pretty sure that's where the gluten is coming from because it was the biggest change at the time. I had actually switched from a generic Cymbalta (duloxetine by Mylan) slightly early from my 9 month usual switch because I was having gluten symptoms (at the time, listed it on their list but soon changed it to "now questionable"). I'm currently trying Zoloft (been on it for about 3 days now) and the gluten symptoms seem to be slightly less but I won't know for at least another few days. Plus, I don't know if it's actually going to work for me (depression wise). I was going between Paxil & Cymbalta for about 15 years and they were working for me very well (as far as depression) up until recently (because of gluten). I know I've tried Celexa, Lexipro, & Wellbutrin in the past and cannot take them because they either make things worse or the negative side effects outweigh the benefits. I may have tried another type or two of SSRI but it's been so long that I can't remember for sure. I'm making this post to try and get some advice, or even just words of encouragement, on any generic Rx versions of Cymbalta (and Paxil as well, but I won't be taking it for a while so it's less relevant at this point) that people have recently had success with. I've searched online & this site but haven't been able to find anything recent about these medications (most of the posts I've found are from many years ago). I'm scared. Scared of all the times I want to kill myself in any given day because of not taking an SSRI to try and reduce the gluten exposure. Scared that things will get as bad as they've gotten before and I will have to quit my job again. Scared to cry because I'll become even more dehydrated and may not be able to keep fluid in me because of my body is currently not being able to absorb water the way I need it to. The past 3 years have been really tough and I don't really know where to turn at this point. Sorry if this post isn't the most organised. I'm currently an emotional wreck while typing this and at least trying to get out all the important info. Here is a list of new things I've been eating in case someone reads this and sees something they've had problems with that might (also?) be causing gluten issues: Schär Gluten Free Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread (to try and soak up some of the bile, but with constant gluten exposure this doesn't help much) Ensure Original Nutrition Shake (says Gluten Free on it) Pedialyte Advanced Care+ Benadryl