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  1. ejk

    HELP -Biopsy Results

    Thank you for your response! Yes, I had been eating gluten - maybe just not enough every day. The two biopsies she took: One was directly on a lesion, but I kept insisting that DH biopsies had to be peri-lesional. She just said, "not necessarily," and then took another one right next to the one on the lesion. This skin had been previously damaged by prior lesions so was not fully intact skin. I wanted her to take one from somewhere that had skin that had not been previously damaged. I guess I just don't have confidence in how she did the biopsies. I think I'll wait awhile and then find another dermo and get a second opinion. Thanks for the article. I am going to read it now.
  2. Hi All. I just got back from the dermatologists office. Got the stitches removed from the two punch biopsy sites I had done a couple of weeks ago. The dermo says it did not show up as DH, but something called Lichen Simplex Chronicus. So I came home and Googled that condition. First, my "lesions" don't look anything like the photos I found of LSC; they look far more like DH photos I've seen. Second, LSC doesn't seem to appear bilaterally on the body; my lesions always have a counterpart (a mirror image on the other side of my body). Like clockwork - if I get a bump/sore on my right butt cheek, in a day or two I get one in almost the exact same place on the other side. Same with bumps on my legs and shoulders. Is there a chance that the DH is being misdiagnosed as LSC? It's not like I WANT to have DH, but I'd like to be confident in the diagnosis. The dermo just suggested using Free and Clear laundry detergent (I already do) and keeping my skin moisturized with something like Vanicream (which I already do). This has been going on for two years for me, and I'm starting to get really frustrated. I'd like to hear your thoughts... Thanks!
  3. ejk

    DH exacerbated by sweat?

    Thank you for the information. I will give Aquaphor a try!
  4. ejk

    DH exacerbated by sweat?

    Hi there. I am not formally diagnosed with DH yet (that will happen in Jan or Feb), but my dermo and I are pretty sure that's what I have. I didn't want to be diagnosed in 2017 because I wasn't sure what was going to be happening with healthcare. I didn't want it as a preexisting condition. Anyway, I exercise almost every day - hiking or cycling - and my sweat does seem to exacerbate the itch and bring new bumps up. Especially around my waistband area. I have been gluten free now for about two months, and the bumps and itching are less, but still there. I've started coating the area (and my behind) with Vaseline before I exercise, and that seems to help.
  5. Hi All. I'm brand new to this forum and the gluten-free lifestyle. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I read on one of the celiac websites that we were supposed to avoid maltodextrin, as it was made from barley. Am I crazy?