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  1. This is the very thing I am about to try. I also think corn may be affecting me. But all the nightshades you mentioned I will eliminate too. I’m going to keep taking the shots until April that is the month I gave myself as the cut off point. But I am going to do all of your recommendations first a...
  2. These are the same tests my doctor ran. They already r/o Sjögrens. I really believe this flare is from these shots. I just don’t know if they are helping or flaring my autoimmune disease. Thank you for your advice. I’m defiately going to follow up on this.
  3. Thank you, yes I am taking 1000 mg Vitamin D and a multi along with Calm for mg and digestive enzymes. They help
  4. Thank you, I’m getting very disheartened with all this information. I will continue to eat clear and if I don’t feel better by April or so, will reconcider this. If it keeps getting worse, I’ll quit sooner and do like you...just manage. You are all so kind for helping me. Thank you!
  5. Thank you. There is only saline, no preservatives in the injection but I agree about it making me feel worse. I’m going to speak to my doctor again. Thank you!
  6. Thank you! I agree with you and I did show negative for lupus. I’m bringing back more questions to my doctors because you made more sense then they did. Thank you again.
  7. I’ve been diagnosed a celiac since 2016. I am a 68 years old female with Hashimoto’s, and I’ve had IBS symptoms for a few years before that. My diagnosis was positive for DNA markers, positive for IgA, IgE, and IgG but inconclusive for biopsy. My doctor told me because I had 2 out of three, I sh...
  8. Hi Kelly, I’m a woman in my 60s and was diagnosed in 2016 with celiac, lymphatic and collagenous colitis. Although I’ve had symptoms since my 40’s, your story, especially how it relates to family, friends and life in general really struck a cord. Your description of how this disease changes your ...
  9. Thank you so much, a few years ago I had this test and they said it was negative. Since then I have had so many symptoms. I will try to increase my omegas. Would it be wise to be retested? Thank you
  10. Gluten free 3 years with no real change in symptoms
  11. Does anybody have eyes socket pain and dry eye when having a celiac gut inflammation flareup? My doctor thinks it’s sinus however I can breathe fine through my nose. I also have brain fog. Sometimes this symptom ends up a migraine and increased blood pressure.