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  1. jeanniemiller

    Cross Reactivity Confusion

    i'm new since april celiac by blood work and I got away from the forums they confused me and made me crazy it is so sad they are there to help instead some people drive newbies away
  2. jeanniemiller

    Nerve pain in feet

    I take CBD capsules and in 5 week my nerve pain gone there still numb but like you 5 years of pain just started my gluten free diet too my blood work said celiac charlottes web CBD 35 mg 5 months now pain free in my feet
  3. I had lupus and thyroid in my 20's alopecia in my 30's diabetes in my 40's and at 59 Reynard's and vitiligo 59 had gastric bypass but didn't find out till 61 celiac I had polycystic ovaries too just read there a link with celiac and polycystic my whole family has autoimmune diseases mom aunts cousins children I seem to get more with any kind of bad stress in these 2 years I truly thought I was dying in truth i'm glad a ER doctor told me I was sick not dying this I can manage like the rest of my sickness you can privet message me