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  1. I was diagnosed with celiac three years before the surgery. I’ve always had stomach issues starting in first grade. Probably had celiac but doctor’s called it nervous stomach, spastic stomach, IBS. I was always super skinny as a kid but my weight gain started after having kids. I had the surgery bec...
  2. Jeannie, I am so sorry for all your health issues. Do you regret the surgery? How is your digestive system now? What foods seem to allow a smooth week?
  3. Okay. I know better. I ate a part of a hotdog on a regular bun and now I can't quit having diarrhea and major cramping. It has been going on for three days. Shouldn't it be out of my system by now? I also had gastric sleeve surgery, so the amount I can eat is very small. Has anyone else had the gastric...