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1 Year Old - Celiac?

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New here, Would like some advice?

My 6th baby was born almost a year ago, and right from beginning was colicky. She was exclusively breast fed, with the occasional bottle. But she cried, all the time. Around six months we started food. It was then that I noticed her "colic" got worse. I started to assume an allergy of some sort. I began eliminating foods, until I suspected dairy. I was still nursing her but she had one bottle a day of formula. I switched her to soy. In a few days she started having blood in her diapers. Took her to Dr, who also noticed her weight gain had stalled. Dr said take her off all,dairy and soy. Within in one day she was a different kid! She was still grumpy a little, but not as bad. Since I was still nursing, I was told to avoid dairy too.

So even tho her behaviour and sleeping patterns improved without dairy and soy, her appetite did not. She almost seems like she could care less if she ate food at al. Refuses to be spoon fed, will feed herself finger foods but not a whole lot. Now, when I weaned her from nursing at 11 mths, her diapers improved greatly! I guess I was eating too much dairy and soy. :(

She still has little to no appetite, seems to not like food. She isn't overly cranky luckily, but I can't get her to eat at all. Her diapers are "ok". Soft, mushy, not diarrhea often, but sometimes. She was tested for some form of gluten, but unfortunately I don't remember what one, I don't see Dr again for two weeks which I'll get results, but since the tests were performed two months ago, I'm assuming all is well. If test comes out negative, could she still have gluten allergy or celiac? Opinions? She has been diagnosed as failure to thrive. Thanks!

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I would NOT assume that all is well because you haven't heard back.  Heck, it took my GP *weeks* to call me back about a positive cancer diagnosis!  It's also fairly common for doctors to not run the full panel and assume all is well when it isn't.  I'd call and get the results.


The rest?  BTDT.  Upset nursing infant, weight stalling at introduction of food, Failure To Thrive, etc.  My youngest was DX at 18 months.

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Your Dr didn't call you with a positive cancer diagnosis? That's crazy! Thanks for your advice, I think I'm going to try her without gluten and see what happens. :)

My feeling about her being allergic to dairy was correct, so I'm thinking I might be right about this too.

Celiac seems so,overwhelming....

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