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M/v Maldives Aggressor - Male, Maldives

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I spent a week on the M/V Maldives Aggressor recently.  It is a live-aboard dive boat in the Maldives.  I was served gluten-free meals that were tasty and filling.  There were no glutenings during the week.


For the sake of full disclosure, I have to say that there was a bit of a language issue and I was never completely convinced the kitchen staff fully understood my diet.  For example, consider the carrot soup we were served one night.  I saw that it was creamy and had some thickness so I asked if there was any flour or starch in it.  The response was to ask me if I could eat carrots.  I replied, Yes, I could eat carrots.  The response to that was that all that was in the soup was carrots so I didn’t need to worry. 


Most people, even those who do not cook, recognize that carrot soup contains more than just carrots.  There are obviously other ingredients.  I was never convinced that people understood that it was not enough for the primary ingredient to be gluten-free and that all the other ingredients needed to be gluten-free as well.  This was especially true when one of the other ingredients was something like a bottled sauce, which had its own collection of ingredients, all of which needed to be gluten-free.


Nonetheless, the kitchen staff was genuinely interested in meeting the demands of my diet and was open to my questions and concerns.  As a result, despite slight language issues, we were able to determine what I could eat.  Therefore, I would have no hesitation to book another trip.

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