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I've been gluten free since August. As far as I know, I've never been "glutened". Until now?


My symptoms prior to diagnosis included anxiety, difficultly breathing (tight throat and chest), heartburn, burning throat and burning eyes. Over the weekend I was out of town and eating in a much less controlled environment. Last night and again tonight I'm experiencing all these same symptoms that I had prior to going gluten-free. I went for my usual run on Sunday and it was AWFUL. I could not catch my breath afterwards and really was struggling!


Does this sound like a glutening? I'm worried it might be a sign of some other allergy (though I was tested just a few months ago and no food allergies were identified). Is there anything I can do to help reduce my symptoms? Thanks!

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if your pre-dx symptoms have returned, you probably were glutened.  it happens.  i usually drink alot of water, rest, heating pad for muscles, hot showers, etc.  but everybody is different - what works for me may not work for you.  on the up side:  congratulations on not glutening yourself since august!  if this is the first time your symptoms have returned, you must be doing a good job keeping to the gluten-free diet :)  hope you feel better!

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