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Jennifer Exposito On Tv

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I appreciated that Jennifer brought it out that celiac disease causes many symptoms, not just the classic ones.  She seems to describe many symptoms that were neurological as I did.


The GI doctor in this program brought out that it is a genetic disease and is present from birth.  That is what I wanted to talk about.  When I got my genetic test I believed I was getting the new gold standard check for celiac disease.  This is what the GI doctor mentioned briefly in the video. This is the first time I heard a GI doctor indicate that it is a new gold standard test.  Here is what I would like to talk about:


Problems with the anitbody test:  false negatives, low IgA, symptoms,

Why genetic celiac needs a trigger-How do we know this?

Family members testing negative when one knows they have at least one gene and possible symptoms.

The multitude of celiac symptoms.  What are doctors looking for.

What symptoms are specifically linked with celiac or gluten.  eczema? psorises? AI diseases


Personally, I wonder if genes without negative tests may mean a case of celiac that doesn't trigger a positive test yet.  Maybe one has to be really off to make a positive test.  Then maybe when the immune system has so much damage, one will test negative again.


My thoughts here are very speculative mostly questioning and not argumentative, so please just consider any answers or experience you can share. 


The doctor Roshini Raj form NYU Lango Medical Center said that the genetic test is "the new gold standard test for celiac."

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