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My diagnosis came a couple weeks ago after bloodwork and a biopsy (a hepatologist performed those). I have a referral to a GI doc but not until Mid-july. I have an appt with my PCP in a couple of weeks, though, and I'm planning on asking about additional bloodwork that might need to get done. 


Recommendations on what tests to get? I don't prefer waiting around for the doctor to tell me what to do, I'd rather come in prepared! I've read that I should have some vitamin levels checked but am unsure which ones. 


And, yes, of course I'm gluten-free now as well. Making that change hasn't been all that difficult but it's only been two weeks.

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I mention this here:




and read


Real Life With Celiac Disease by Melinda Dennis and Daniel Leffler


and Gluten Freeedom by Alessio Fasano, MD


be your own best advocate!  ^_^  most docs do nothing after Dxing you. (I got lucky when I searched and found my new GI)!) 

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