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Iron Deficient

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My 5yr daughter recently saw a paediatrician. To try and find out why she is having episodes of blurred vision. My dad and brother have coeliac so paed tested for a number of things including celiac disease. The tests came back neg for celiac disease but said she was iron deficient. The dr believed it was caused by diet and said take an iron supplement for 6mths and no other follow up required.

Having now further researched iron deficiency and looked very closely at her diet I do not understand how she can be iron deficient unless it is caused by a medical condition ie celiac disease. I worked out at minimum she would be getting 7mg of iron each day (but would be close to 10mg most days) and recommended is 10.

She does not have the classic celiac disease symptoms but her blurred vision and headaches are unexplained (mri they did was clear).

What do people think? Does this sound like celiac disease. I'm thinking after 3mths of taking supplement ask for blood test to be redone. If still low then it can't be diet related.

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I would keep considering this. If other family members are not deficient on the same diet, something could be causing trouble for this one member. The functional Medicine Nurse I work with says that low iron and or ferritin is often the very first indication that celiac is wrong.  I had a diet high in iron, but was low also.  You might consider further nutritional study to check for other common celiac deficiencies such as Vitamin B, magnesium, and vitamin D.  There may be some others to check.  Of coarse make sure to get all of the blood panel for celiac while she is eating gluten.  If your family is gluten light the test could false negative.


I wish you the best in healing!



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