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Last night I ate a bunch of cashews without realizing they were manufactured on shared equipment. Got my same old glutening symptoms, but also had something new.


Just before my diagnosis, I had started having this weird symptom that felt like my brain was literally trembling. Other parts of my body also felt like they were trembling, but were not. That all went completely away after going gluten free. When I get glutened, though, it comes back with a vengeance.


Last night, there was something new. In addition to the weird feeling I get in my brain, I started having spasms of my legs. It was definitely NOT restless leg syndrome. I've experienced that in the past, and this was totally different. My brain was sort of freaking out, and it caused my legs to jerk and twitch.


Has anybody ever experienced anything like this? I know this sounds like it could be other things, but the only time I have these problems is when I get glutened.



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