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  1. across

    Anyone Deal With Gastritis?

    My gastritis didn't stop until I eliminated tea -- especially hot tea. I'm not sure why the hot bothers me worse than...
  2. across


    I'm so sorry you're going through this! For me, the anxiety went away quickly -- but not all of it. I found that like...
  3. I'm a fan of NOW Foods' vitamins, but their B complex says that although it does not have gluten containing ingredients...
  4. Regarding beans...you have to be careful with them. Some varieties are grown in the same fields with barley. In my last...
  5. Thanks, Karen. Will do.
  6. across


    I get SUPER self-critical when I'm glutened. I mean really, really bad! I tell myself over and over how worthless I am...
  7. across

    What Supplements Do Take?

    I've been gluten free since diagnosis about a year and a half ago. I'm currently taking: vitamin D -- was diagnosed...
  8. I'm curious to know which supplements everyone takes and why.
  9. My sister (who at least as far as we know does not have Celiac) was on a thyroid med and was doing fine on it, and then...
  10. across

    Increased Hair Growth

    My eyebrows filled back in and I noticed a big difference in my body hair. I think the hair on my head has also increased...
  11. across

    Chef That Wants Your Feedback

    I can't eat out with my husband...ever. I used to eat out at one place that is very, very careful, but wound up getting...
  12. across

    Kavinace For Glutening

    Nope, didn't know that. I only have anxiety following a glutening (beginning within minutes of exposure), and it follows...
  13. My functional medicine doc suggested that Kavinace might help me when accidentally glutened. It actually does seem to...
  14. Anxiety 100% gone unless I get glutened -- then it's back instantly. (I have to note that dairy also gives me anxiety...