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Celiacs Need Their Own Ice Bucket Challenge

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I am sure by now you have heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  It was created by a social media mastermind and has raised billions and billions of dollars for the disease.  So I would think ALS could see major improvement in diagnoses and treatment in the next decade.  So I was nominated by my communities to do the ice bucket challenge and took the time to mention Celiac (video below and it gets weird - I sure hope you know something about HowToBasic  :D ).  I may revisit the topic later with my community as well.  Here's the vid:



Once the ice bucket challenge wears off, in about a year I would love to see Celiac get something like this.  Diagnosing Celiac here in the US is terrible (at least from my personal experience).  From what I understand places like Italy have it in place to test before age 7.  We need something like this badly.  I was diagnosed very late.


It seems like everyone and their neighbor knows what ALS is now.  I want that for Celiac!

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