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  1. I know it has been a while since I've last posted, and i hope everyones doing good. I am really bummed out today, over the weekend I came in contact with something that had gluten via CC. Needless to say today has not been pleasant, between dealing with d,and a headache and crud, i also had to call out today and miss my krav magra class. I know they say to rest a few days post exposure but i dont want to miss class anymore, after having been out due to some things that i had to handle. Has anyone ever tried doing intense work outs or training after an episode. I dont want to go in to class and have to leave due to this nonsense.
  2. For myself, I feel nauseated with horrendous stomach cramps and joint pain. Other things I deal with is bouts of d and brain fog and my anxiety is in overdrive.
  3. That is what I thought, but I'm only trying this by recommendation of my dermatologists. But I will nose through that section. Thanks
  4. Ok so my first year of dealing with things has been a roller coaster straight from the land of chaos. Granted things have gotten better, yet there are things I am still struggling with. As many of you here who are familiar with me knows I was take off a vegan diet much to my dismay and it lead to a long pity party, at which no time did I cheat. I do not believe in cheating in that I to try not harm anything around me including myself, this lead to several months of being upset that I had to eat meat as my Dr.'s did not want me consuming any grains or dairy. The dairy thing was not a problem as I did not consume dairy products for several reasons, but upon shifting to paleo, I did not do the 21 day sugar detox, after close inventory i felt I did not consume a lot of sugar to begin with, but perception is a mother. So anyway I was talking with a good friend of mine who is a tattoo artist who is not comfortable performing a tattoo for me right now due to some break outs on my skin. My dermatologist has determined it as Dh. After a refusal on my end to use clindamycin topically I was asked to refrain from sugar and caffeine and I admit I am not quite the good girl with that as I feel I have given up way way way to much already. Giving up gluten no problem, ask me to eat meat and I get a bit angry but begrudgingly do so. So to not disappoint a friend of mine who asked me to do the tattoo for a tat conference I am giving up the sugar so her canvas won't be a huge disappointment and also it may do me some good. My problem is I now have a screaming headache and I need to study for work. In 2 months I am switching departments and I need to study my butt off so I do well in my new area. I had during the time of my pity party shot thru 7 months of good learning time because I was not happy with Paleo. So some may ask why I have such a grudge against Paleo. Here it is, I have friends who tout they eat paleo( note the friends are not celiacs at all) but when going out will eat a gluten free dish while ingesting Jack Daniels or drink beer. As a celiac I get angry at this because their flighty actions I feel ruin and discredit things for us who are ill and need to be gluten free so i tend to want to lump paleo as a trendy moron thing, when its furthest from the truth. While there are trendy dieters, there are those of us who are on Paleo because it does help celiac's. I want to move past this and thrive and kick butt in my new position but with the headache and things I feel mopey and I am losing time with studying. So how does anyone else here when abstaining from certain foods and things deal with withdraw? The good news is since I have cut out the sugar and caffeine the dh is showing some improvement.
  5. I am so sorry to hear about this going on for you. I honestly think that food banks should also have selections for families of medical special needs. In fact your story inspires me to want to try and make a effort to get that to happen where I live or start an initiative of one. In the meanwhile I know in New Orleans second harvest is a food bank group who does make a serious effort to make this happen including organic options so they may do gluten-free. They are a big group so they maybe outside of Louisiana and offer assistance. I hope this terrible time passes quickly for you and your family. I will light a candle to hope peace and blessings come your way.
  6. Ok so Wednesday night I had to call out of work to go to the ER. My CT show I have an enlarged spleen and liver. But my enzymes did not show anything too whacked out. But something caused me quite literal knee dropping pain. Last Friday I had to go to the Dr.'s for a case of rhino sinusitis, and was prescribed Flonase, prednisone and amoxicillin. My Dr. Did look into all three to ensure they was safe for me. My question is has anyone here had experience with this? I have been extreme safe and strict on avoiding gluten, but right now I'm terrified, on the other hand today marks my one year anniversary since diagnosis. So I thought I should be a lot better by now. Any words of encouragement is welcome as I am disappointed and flipping out. Thanks always, A very sad scared serielda
  7. Ahh quinoa, how I miss that wonderful tasty grain. Yet this is the little gem that I did not know about that really caused a lot of fuss I am not happy with. In my case while I was vegan and indulging this grain I had no idea it has for some(not all) affiliation with gallbladder issues. My naturopath and Dr. was very adamant I avoid this at all costs. I am still somewhat in denial but not dumb enough to test fate. I do know of some who can eat the stuff and for some of us on the other end, avoid it like the plague. When I saw this post yesterday I did some research into it, and wishing I had bookmarked my findings but being tired after a very busy day I didn't think so and now having problems finding those links again.(bummer) .
  8. Thank god, I didn't want to get kicked from this site as it is my go to for learning and dealing with this mess. I'm just relieved the line I had by them was safe. Thank god I took photos of the ingredients of my products for reference even tho I screen meticulously. I had zero idea they had products did contain scary crap.
  9. I never meant to post something that would cause a problem. I do not use their hair care after seeing that they run out so quick after the first time. As for the face cleaner I use triple checked that one and it's clear that I can see but I'm no chemist. Again if I caused a problem I apologize. I double checked my post and did not see any links I posted in regards of claims. Edit just double checked my bathroom toiletries none of mine contained scary items. But after hearing this I am going to scrutinize more so than before. I am seriously disturbed by this.
  10. While this creeps me out about wheat in my Tp, I agree with Karen on this one. It's not like we are eating the toilet tissue. Myself I avoid anything with gluten in it just because of the nightmare it's caused me but after almost a year of constant learning since my diagnosis I'm starting to look at things more with caution not flat out freaking out like I used to. Cautiousness is smart prevention anyway you dissect an issue has became one of my rules
  11. Eek the dreaded shared production lines in shared facilities. When I was new I got hit by that and it was horrible, but over time you will learn to pick those things carefully. As for this place it's an amazing site full of helpful people who "get" it and have been there. It was almost a year ago I came here freaking out asking hundreds of questions and working massive Google-fu to find help. Hang in there it does get better over time.
  12. I am super happy I'm celebrating my 2 yrs anniversary of being where I work, so they are taking me to lunch. This would be a yay moment but I have celiac disease which we all know makes going out to celebrate a time of anxiety and nervousness. I am trying to find out where the lunch will be as its for a group of anniversaries so I can call ahead and ask questions to see if it's even worth my while to go. Do these call ahead to notify things really help prevent one from being possibly glutend or will I be wasting my breath and time on the phone.
  13. So last weekend I started to feel really sick, wound up in er and later back to the doctors. My Dr prescribed me meds that he check d on, but the problem was the pharmacy. The pharmacist gave me one of the meds that I now know has soy, but only after today did I see it in small print. No wonder I feel so crappy, and now I wonder if I'm ever gonna get my crap straight when this happens by sheer accident. Does anyone know where I can get probiotic granulas that do not contain soy.
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