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  1. I know it has been a while since I've last posted, and i hope everyones doing good. I am really bummed out today, over the weekend I came in contact with something that had gluten via CC. Needless to say today has not been pleasant, between dealing with d,and a headache and crud, i also had...
  2. For myself, I feel nauseated with horrendous stomach cramps and joint pain. Other things I deal with is bouts of d and brain fog and my anxiety is in overdrive.
  3. That is what I thought, but I'm only trying this by recommendation of my dermatologists. But I will nose through that section. Thanks
  4. Ok so my first year of dealing with things has been a roller coaster straight from the land of chaos. Granted things have gotten better, yet there are things I am still struggling with. As many of you here who are familiar with me knows I was take off a vegan diet much to my dismay and it lead...
  5. Before I was taken off of corn and soy among other things as it was discovered those also didn't like me either we used Rudi's spinach wraps . The only reason I being up corn Is some can't do corn either*masive frowns face as I loved it* Like others have stated some sensitivities can exist for...
  6. I avoid salad bars and prepackaged things like that come from the grocery. However Holy Guacamole does make gluten free guacamole that is amazing try looking into them.
  7. What Kareng said is right, plus there are gluten-free teas out there that seriously rock. In fact a huge selection of the republic of tea and two leaves is my fave brands. If you love tea it is easy to find safe ones out there. But be advised if your corn sensitive avoid Lipton as I have in the past...
  8. BoJonJovi, that is a great point, there are so many snakes in the grass often something can get over looked. Meds was at first one I did not think of until I started pounding the internet and books I could get my mits on for that kind of info. I do know Target has their brand and some of their products...
  9. Oh god that is a sticky one with the food bill, do you have an Aldi or Trader Joes near you? I been to one a couple of times and have purchased quite a bit of Gluten free real food + treats before. Second option check out farmers markets and co-ops. I have an acquaintance, who has a huge load...
  10. Thank you for the warning on that. I had a friend who tried to encourage me to eat one of their pizzas showing me the gluten-free label and stuff. Bless them for thinking about me, but I was not so convienced, now I know to leave it well and alone, and that's a major bummer as I hear they are terrific...
  11. Like mentioned above Sophie's products are amazing, I love their crab cakes. They are vegan and gluten-free. As for burgers I make mine with quinoa and other veggies. There is sites online that offer several twist to veggies burgers that are suitable for vegetarians /vegans that are gluten-free.
  12. Good question, I tend to be happy 85% of the time, up until a year ago, I was living a nightmare, and depressed after a patch of bad luck when the recession hit back in 08. During that time I had a lot of people be real mean jerks to me, but that is my past. I recently looked at my life and started...
  13. Honestly I was not sure on Daura and how it was made nor Omission. Neither one is sold near me, so they are not really an issue , for me but can clearly see why they would be for those areas it is sold .Sorry if I was not clear on that. I do know labels are at times miss leading as they can be with...