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Update On My Son

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We went to see a new pediatrician the other day.  She was wonderful.  Actually spent 2 hours with us and worked right through lunch.  She reviewed his labs and found that between what the pediatrician had done and what the immunologist had done that he did have the complete panel for celiac testing.  She said that with that being negative and his negative scopes and biopsies that it is highly unlikely that he has celiac.  We also had a follow up with the integrative doc to discuss his test results.  She says his tests showed he's highly sensitive to cows milk and gluten.  He's been gluten and dairy free for a month and a half and we've seen maybe a small positive change but not a lot and he still has a good day or two and then crashes for a week.  I don't know how much I'm buying into what the integrative doc had to say.  She wants him on herbs, vitamins, and nystatin for a yeast overgrowth.  The new pediatrician said might as well try it for a month since we are this far in and see what happens.  In the mean time she is testing him for Cushings Syndrome.

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