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I was wondering if anyone has gotten penicillin shots instead of antibiotics. Last month, I was given antibiotics because I had a very sore throat and my neck was hurting. Apparently, I have a chronic tonsillitis (which I had no idea until this dr told me). Anyhow, last week, I went to the hospital thinking that I would get all my test results that I have been waiting for a very long time (still don't have them all) but I think I caught something else instead at the hospital. Since then, I have not had temperature but chills. I also have a stuffy nose that sometimes turns into a runny nose, my throat is hurting, hard to swollow, some mucus, and I have a horrible cough that prevents me from sleeping and afterwards my chest/lungs hurt a lot. It literally wakes me up every night and I end up staying awake until early morning, drinking tea. 

So, today, the otolaryngologist said that I have everything inflamed: tonsillitis, sinus infection, laryngitis, and bronchitis. I really did not expect that all of this would be a problem. I was hoping that I would be eventually able to cure myself by drinking tea (ginger) with lemon, honey, and coconut oil. He said that he wants me to get pencilin injection for 10 days since I am worse than the last time, and the last antibiotics seemed to have something that bothered me since my stomach was upset and i got eczema on my face so we all assumed it had to be something related to celiac. He also gave me some other pills that the pharmacist claimed that they did not contain gluten (I guess they are supposed to help with mucus as well as to protect stomach from all these other pills). I will start taking them tonight. He also told me to use "Nasonex", which is apparently an American brand, that he thought was extremely good. 

Have you used Nasonex or gotten penicillin shots?

Lastly, based on some results I got back, it seems that the doctor is thinking that I have APS/Hughes syndrome. She mentioned that this can cause blood clots. She said that I have to be retested to confirm this diagnosis. I really do not know how to feel about this. I have learned how to deal with Celiac and at this point feel that I have some control over it since it is on me to ensure that I do not get glutened while I can never know if I have blood clots or may suffer other complications

My celiac antibodies are still high but going down. The range used here is different from the one used in another country where I was tested and diagnosed. If I am converting it correctly, they are still more than 2 times higher than normal but this is still good considering that they were still much higher the last time I was tested. While it has been difficult to wait this long for the results, the doctor that tested me has really tried to run tests that could help me figure out what might be going on. Being in one of the less developed countries in Europe does not help so I guess I need to get used to waiting. 

So, now I have to assume, so if one has this APS/Hughes syndrome, is it safe to get penicillin shots? Any experience with penicillin shots in general?

Thank you!

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