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I really do not know what to think or feel anymore. I become hopeful when I feel a bit better but then lose hope once I feel pain. 

If you have read any of my posts,you probably saw that I am scared of being diagnosed with Lupus but I am still waiting for some tests.

I do have symptoms that could fall under lupus:chest pain,  hair loss.

Main tests: ANA weak positive (repeated and waiting for results), ENA-6 negative, SLE test negative but higher lupus anticoagulant bodies, and positive  beta-2 glycoprotein that is associated with APS. 

My biggest concern is this throbbing chest pain. It can last for days, then disappear and come back. Back in February some dr. who did not carefully examine me said it could be just skeletal pain. I noticed that my chest hurts more after i speak more, get tired or get upset. It is like something is ripping me from the inside. Even climbing up stairs sometimes can be difficult and I experience shortness of breath. I used to exercise so much before that this was never a problem and i am not overweight. I have not been able to exercise since April so I walk.  I will try to find my immunology doctor to see what to do. I was retested for these APS tests but it took 2 months last time to get the test results and i am worried it will take that long again. i might have to go to a private lab again to get tested but i am not sure if the hospital will accept that. 

As of now, I know I have celiac and 99% sure I have APS/Hughes syndrome (based on one doctor telling me that lupus anticoagulant test also confirms aps when i already have tested positive for beta-2 glycoprotein ) so I do not know if this is causing my chest pain?

Any ideas about chest pain? Has anyone experience anything like this? I am very careful about eating gluten free so I doubt it is cross-contamination or celiac related.

Thank you. 

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