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Has anyone else experienced problems with CSVV (Cutaneous Small Vessel Vasculitis - commonly known as Hiker's Rash) and Celiac?  I am celiac (confirmed by EGD), strictly gluten-free and also recently diagnosed with CSVV which I understand is also an auto-immune issue. The CSVV has been getting progressively worse this summer and I can't find much info about it.

Anyone else have this odd lower leg vasculitis that is often triggered by exercise (here's an image from the internet of typical presentation)?  Have you found anything that helps? Thanks for any feedback


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Nope, not me anyway.  Some people with celiac get dermatitis herpetiformis (DH), which is a skin rash.  I am not sure DH looks like that picture though.  DH is itchy, and is affected by iodine in the diet also.  I would say it's a little itchy, but some other forum members might lynch me if I said its "a little itchy".

There is a sub-section of the forum specifically for DH.  If your rash is DH you might find some help there.

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