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Celiac gene question

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does not everyone have rs4713586? I am very confused as to what this is actually saying. I have DQ8 but what is it will DQ2? You have to have those alleles? in that order exactly on those SNPs? I am trying to find rs4713586 but It does not exist on my file. I am confused, I thought these SNPs were just position on the genome not something else. 

can someone clear my confusion?



Also how do these genes work? because  the DQ8 is said to be involved in nasal polyps as well, and I have nasal polyps. I am currently trying to figure out if I have celiacs, pretty sure I do. If the gene active for nasal polyps does that mean it is active for celiacs too?

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Hi Nightstalker,

Having the genes does not mean you automatically will have celiac disease.  Many more people have the genes than have celiac disease.  There are about 30% of people in the USA that have the celiac genes, but only 1% that have celiac disease.


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