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Hi all,

since the last time I wrote, I got to see a rheumatologist. However, he was not interested in listening to my symptoms but just reading my test results that are already outdated and as you know, some came back as positive. He said that I did not need to come to him since most likely nothing was wrong with me and asked me whether I saw a neurologist. God knows how much I would love that was true. I told him about my foot pain, problems with my ear (the  other doctor said it was tinnitus and also told me to go to see a rheumatologist). He told me to repeat certain tests  ANA, ENA, and also get tested for Lyme disease. I have to admit that I was surprised by this but it does not hurt to check it. 

I decided to eat healthy again. From Feb. until some time in March (all together 40 days), I ate very healthy...smoothies, fresh veggies, fruits and meats and avoided all gluten-free processed food and sweets.  A few days ago I ate some chocolate and some gluten-free processed food and I was so tired. I barely could function after work. I began reading about the importance of eating healthy when one has a chronic illness. Most of those articles mentioned avoiding gluten, sugar, and dairy. So, I decided to cut sugar out for good but i decided to have some gluten-free ice cream and chocolate today before stopping it for good. Tonight, my whole body is itching.

Has anyone had any reactions like these?


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Looking -

Sorry I don’t have answers for you, but I can sympathize with you. It sounds a lot like what I have been going through this last year. I also had high RF and RA numbers along with high CCP numbers. I requested a Lyme test and that came back with some positive bands and some negative. No one has interpreted it for me yet. The Rheumatologist that I have seen through the VA (I’m Retired Army) sounds like she may have went to the same school as yours. She basically said I don’t have RA because I am not showing any inflammation. My joints, mainly ankles and knees are extremely painful and all my major muscle groups are in constant achy/pain and I have no energy. I am left with Dr. Google. I have been very strict about cross contamination and my diet has been pretty limited to whole foods. I have come very close to just giving up trying to find answers, and let whatever happens, happen. But I always end up reading a post, or a news article about this or that and decide to give it a try.

Hang in there and I will be following your progress as I am always curious about WTH is going on with my poor body and if there are connections.


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