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  1. dharwood


    Looking - Sorry I don’t have answers for you, but I can sympathize with you. It sounds a lot like what I have b...
  2. Hello - Are you still active on this forum? Very interested in your situation from 2014. Is it possible to get an update? I am experiencing some of the same symptoms that you explained and am lost. Thanks.

  3. T.S. I went through the same thought process (still am I guess) I wondered how I could feel worse, sleep worse,...
  4. Welcome, I have been on this forum since being diagnosed via blood test last May. I have ran across several posts...
  5. Dv1983 - Been gluten-free for 7 months now. I had bad GERD for about 10 years, taking up to 3 Prilosec a day for periods...
  6. Hey Kurt - Not sure this will help, but this is my story and advice. I am 53 y.o. male, retired with 21 years active...
  7. Hello , I am 5 months in and have had chronic muscle pain starting right after going gluten-free. My Dr. Claims...
  8. I am still somewhat new to celiac disease (dx'd in May). My symptoms included stomach issues but since going gluten-free...
  9. dharwood

    Mental Trauma

    Ennis_TX - Your post rings true with me. I was only diagnosed in May, but from May through.... basically two weeks ago...
  10. I have no answers for you, but am interested in this thread and want to follow it. I just had a "Positive" attached to...
  11. dharwood

    Coping with Celiacs

    It’s only been about 4 months since my diagnosis and it sounds a lot like your BF’s. I did not have the vomiting, bu...
  12. dharwood


    Irene, This too is my first post. I am very new to this site and disease, so I won't have much advice for you,...