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Food Ordering Option

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This is a nice option for those who are trying to navigate gluten free/grain free and find it difficult to eat out.  We have had a terrible time attempting to eat out, suffering from cc just about every time. My daughter is very sensitive and suffers from primarily neurological symptoms (can't use the right side of her body when glutened...can't walk, difficult to use her right hand, balance issues, headache).  So I cook everything at home. That's great, but I'm tired. 

Pete's Paleo is a food delivery service. All paleo, 100% gluten free.  No gluten containing products are used in their kitchen.  They are working on getting certified gluten free (I contacted them to confirm).

it is definitely pricey. But I see it as the equivalent of eating out at a nice restaurant. Without the risk of cc. 


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Considered them actually. Or if you live or are stopping by the DFW area I fix people meals and do chef work for people at times, just need a week advance notice. 

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