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celiac disease with lyme disease and anxiety?

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Hi! :) Sorry if this is a bit long, but I just want to find out a bit more about Coeliac I guess - I feel a wee bit ignorant that I don't know more..

8 years ago, I found a tick in my belly button - which caused the red bullseye rash, fatigue, joint pain, ect. All typical signs of Lyme Disease. The doctor confirmed this (after finally getting them to agree to take a blood test). The test results also showed I had coeliac disease, which was a bit of a suprise - I had never even heard of it before, and there was no family history. I had a biopsy to confirm the results, where it became clear that I did indeed have celiac disease. So I was prescribed a gluten free diet, which I stuck to as best as I could, even though I struggled at first, but my family helped me a lot. A few years later- I was coping well with the diet, and didn't have too many 'incidents' with gluten. This all changed with in a day. I started taking panic attacks, sometimes 2-3 daily. This lasted around 2 years, but with counselling I have slowly but surely recovered, even though I still have the odd one or two every month or so. I stick to the gluten free diet and I'm pretty independent in making sure everything is safe for me to eat. Having a free prescription to gluten free products in Scotland also helps!! Looking back now, I have a few of questions- and maybe some kind folks on here can answer them for me! I'm not really sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm not really sure where else I can find out..

  1. Can my Lyme Disease return? I've hear a lot about it just having remission periods, but I've also heard people say it's new bacteria that causes it to return.
  2. Did Lyme Disease cause my Coeliac? I know it can cause auto-immune diseases but I was always a pot-bellied kid with a bad stomach, so I'm not really sure- other auto-immune diseases run in the family, mainly thyroid related
  3. Did celiac disease or LD cause my anxiety? There was a spell between my diagnosis so I'm not sure if its unrelated

Thanks in advance! sorry if this isn't the right site to ask on...

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I have a friend I met here who is fighting a REALLY bad case of Lyme disease, I will inform her of your post and perhaps she can inform you more. The celiac gene can be inactive or only partially active for years as was mine. The symptoms were things I considered normal like sleeping all the time, constipation, vomiting after some meals was thought to be normal growing up til I did something stupid and the shock to my immune system changed my symptoms and pretty much made it full blown. Long story short, a shock to your immune system like lyme disease can bring about changes in celiac symptoms and even activate a dormant gene if it was previous dormant.

The anxiety comes from mixed causes, in most the damage to the intestines causes nutrient deficiency B vitamins and magnesium along with some others that cause the anxiety and panic attacks, Other cases it can be this and a combination of gluten ataxia or having a form or celiac that causes your immune system to also attack your brain and nervous system causing the confusion, fog, and anxiety. Regardless the top recommendation for dealing withe these is to supplement with a broad spectrum B-vitamin complex and a chelated Magnesium. Depending on if you have D or C bowl issues depends on the form and brand of magnesium I would suggest for this. As for B-vitamins Liquid Health Stress & Energy and Liquid Health Neurological Support 1 tbsp each twice a day is my suggestion.

Diagnosed Issues
Celiac (Gluten Ataxia, and Villi Damage dia. 2014, Villi mostly healed on gluten-free diet 2017 confirmed by scope)
Ulcerative Colitis (Dia, 2017), ADHD, Bipolar, Asperger Syndrome (form of autism)
Allergies Corn, Whey
Peanuts (resolved 2019), Cellulose Gel, Lactose, Soy, Yeast
Olives (Seems to have resolved or gone mostly away as of Jan, 2017), Sesame (Gone away as of June 2017, still slight Nausea)
Enzyme issues with digesting some foods I have to take Pancreatic Enzymes Since mine does not work right, additional food prep steps also
Low Tolerance for sugars and carbs (Glucose spikes and UC Flares)
Occupation Gluten Free Bakery, Paleo Based Chef/Food Catering

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