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Histamine causes the adrenal glands to release adrenaline, it's the same adrenaline that's released in the fight or flight response.  Adrenaline counters the  histamine.  Eventually the adrenal glands can't keep up and become fatigued, and then things go downhill from there.  

I rather doubt you'll get scurvy in three days.  Not taking the Vitamin C is just a suggestion to see if one thing will make a difference.  You've said you haven't changed anything since you lost fish weeks ago.  I'm just thinking the culprit is still in something you're currently consuming. 


Read the section on "Overdose of Vitamin C."  

Best wishes, 

Knitty Kitty

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knitty kitty, in February, when I stopped tolerating some of my vitamins and my medication, I took them all out for a week, then reintroduced them one by one. Vitamin C caused no issues, I only reacted to the steroids and the vitamins with fillers. But I can repeat the experiment, no problem, and will report next week. As a side note, I take 250mg of vitamin C daily, hardly an amount to overdose on.

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Hi, Corinne,

Brave girl!  Cheers to you!  Thanks for trying my suggestion.  For a week then, no Vitamin C.  Everything else keep the same.

The RDA for Vitamin C is between 75 and 120 mg per day, depending on age and sex.  So, while still not a large amount, it's still more than required and you've been taking it a while.  Let's see what happens.  You might want to keep a food/mood/poo'd journal to track any changes.  I hope you start feeling better!  I will be looking forward to the results.


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