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How Soon After Dx Did You Have A Follow-up Endoscopy?

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Guest nini

most of the experts that I've had a chance to discuss this with feel that follow up biopsies are NOT needed unless you are not getting better. Also, don't expect to be 100% better after only 3 months. The average is about 2 years... I'm coming up on 3 years and while I do feel a lot better, I'm not 100% YET... but I'm getting there. It just involves weeding out ALL the cross contamination and hidden gluten, and being extremely vigilant in this diet, and exploring OTHER food intolerances as well.

I personally did not have a biopsy to begin with, but I KNOW my villi were damaged based on the state of my health. Based on the fact that I have improved tremendously tells me I'm healing. I do not ever plan on having a biopsy.

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