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8th Continent Soy Milk

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Seems like EVERY post here on 8th Continent was "is it gluten-free" or one person post "I think it might be", so figure its about time (posts goign back TWO YEARS with no answer) that the answer get posted. :) Here:

8th Continent is lactose-free, gluten-free, casein-free and Kosher.

(src: http://www.8thcontinent.com/healthy_living/healthy_diet.asp )


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In addtion to that line from their web site I had also emailed them and heres thier reply

Thank you for contacting 8th Continent regarding gluten in our our product.

It is our goal to help our consumers determine whether or not they can include our products in their diet. To accurately accomplish this, we believe it is best to refer to the specific ingredients listed on each product package.

However, we do understand that ingredients can be confusing, so we want to assure you if the ingredient label does not list wheat, barley, rye, oats or gluten containing ingredients sourced from these grains, then the product would be gluten-free. Sources of gluten are listed on the label even if the source of gluten is part of another ingredient (such as flavoring or spice). Because ingredients may vary from one package to another due to product reformulation, you should use the product’s ingredient label to provide you with current and accurate information.

Additional information regarding gluten may be obtained by contacting your health care professional or:

Celiac Sprue Association/United States of America, Inc.

PO Box 31700

Omaha, NE 68131-0700


Or toll free: 877-CSA-4-CSA (877-272-4272)


We hope this information is helpful.


Craig Grey

General Mills

Consumer Services

Thats one of the better informed replies I have gotten!

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