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Hello Calgarians!

Just a quick note to say that Amaranth (on John Laurie Blvd & Arbour Lake Something, just past Nose Hill Drive Northwest Calgary) is having a sale on certain gluten-free items.

$3.79 for a box of Envirokids cereal bars, and some of their cereal is on sale also. If you don't usually shop there, I've discovered that the Tinkyada pasta 300g pkg is $3.29 vs $3.89 at the Crowfoot Safeway and the cereals offered at both Safeway and Amaranth, the Amaranth ones are usually about 60 cents to $1 cheaper. The frozen waffles are less expensive, too. They have soft tortillas look like flour - definitely not corn tortillas, maybe white rice? They also have a big freezer with bread, pies and other stuff.

I've only ever bought pasta, cereal, cereal bars and gluten-free flour there, because Ty's not too keen on trying the waffles or soft taco shells.

The sale's only on until the end of Feb, so if you love your cereal bars, you'd better hurry.

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