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Wheat Grass, Is It Ok?

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The thing is, in theory, by the time the wheat has FULLY sprouted, the gluten has been used up in the plant's metabolic process. It's a spectrum, with the grain being smack full of gluten, and the grass itself not having any - according to chemical tests. I, however, am a chicken, and won't ingest wheat grass myself. :-) Theory's great, for the theorists.... :-)

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I am trying to understand wheat grass and barely grass. Are they gluten free or not? I recently emailed Organic Food Bar since all of their bars indicate "gluten free". I always read the labels even if it is stated. On 2 of thier bars I saw, "wheat grass powder", so I emailed them. Their response is below:


We make 7 bars.

2 have wheat and barley grass.

Technically, wheat grass and barley grass are gluten free. The gluten is

in the seed, not in the grass.

But, to avoid any potential problems, I would recommend staying with the 5

other bars.


Zane/Bio Int.

> Hi,

> I have a couple of questions about your bars. I have Celiacs and can not

> eat gluten. I noticed that some of your new bars have wheat grass powder

> in

> them. I also noticed that your wrappers say 'gluten free'. I am curious

> about the wheat grass powder. What is it made from? Does it contain

> wheat?

> gluten? Thanks so much. Just trying to avoid becoming sick!


> Lisa


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