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Blood Test Was Negative

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I went to the doctor yesterday and he said my blood test was negative. He said he would refer me to a GI specialist if I wanted, but I don't really want to start eating gluten again for any more tests. He said that I could just continue with the gluten free diet for another month and then see how I feel. I have been gluten free for a couple weeks now and was starting to feel better until I went on a gluten binge this weekend. Saturday I ate these tortilla roll up things and felt really bloated after. Then Sun I drank a beer and ate some cake. My stomach/intestines (it doesn't really feel like the pain and bloating is in my stomach even thought that is what I tell people) has been really bothering me ever since. Now I am back to being gluten free again. :unsure: I just dont' like not knowing for sure if gluten is the problem or if it is something else.

btw, the doctor said he only tested for one thing...not sure what it was. That might be why it was negative.

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