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Casein Intolerance

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Saw this thread and thought I'd revive it to see if there are further discussion. I have maintained that I am lactose intolerant along with my gluten intolerance. I have only consumed lactose-free milk with my Chex every once in awhile with no serious complications. It seems my diet has been otherwise dairy free, since I'm "scared" of dairy right now. Last night, I got brave enough to put a slice of Swiss cheese on my turkey burger patty and WHOA! :blink: Within 30 minutes I got a WAY too full feeling, back pain, and bloating. Today, I had to stay home from work--mostly due to my abdominal pain, but also to be close to my own, personal bathroom.

Does this point to casein sensitivity too? I'm having major trouble finding stuff to read about it (everything is focused on the allergy, not the intolerance, and I'm not swelling or getting hives). I thought I was smart picking Swiss since it's really low in lactose.

Exasperating. :huh:

Iron-deficiency anemic since 2008.

Vitamin D deficient since 2009.

Presumed lactose-intolerant since 2005.

Self-diagnosed gluten-intolerant since February 2012, and in the experimental phase of being completely gluten-free.

Don't want a biopsy. Don't want endoscopy. Blood tests will probably do no good, since I'm doing this on my own.

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If I recall correctly, the lactose in cheeses, yogurts, buttermilk and so on is "digested" (aka: broken down) by the enzymes during fermentation. You could try something like lactaid to see if it helps or not. If it doesn't, I would look at a casein intolerance

Gluten Free 2/12 


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