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Rash...or Dh

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I am needing some help figuring out this DH thing. My son broke out in fine rash(not blisters) on his trunk and the insides of his upper arms after being glutened. The break out was about 24 hours later or so. He said it was very itchy. Is this DH or just a reaction from eating the gluten?? We have only been gluten free since January, and it was very obvious that the rash was from what he ate..

Is this rash part of celiac, DH or just an allergy. If it is an allergy, is that in addition to the celiac. He compalined of being itchy before the diagnosis and no one seemed to think muchog that our the joint pain my 2 1/2 year old complained of...

Hopefully some of you parents here can set me straight. Thanks for your help...


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I've noticed that my son will break out in a rash on the back of his neck and it spreads to his back when glutened. It also itches like crazy. I don't think it's DH because it's not blisters. He's also been gluten-free since Jan, so we're still figuring all this out.

I get the blisters at my joints when glutened and I do think that's DH, but I haven't been biopsied.

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thanks..i sisn't thing it sounded like DH..but i am still trying to get my feet under me with all this and just wasn't sure what to make of this.

I also was questioning the diagnosis earlier that day...guess that rash was my answer!! :blink:

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