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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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I was diagosed today with gall bladder sludge after an Ultrasound. Last week I was reading about gall bladder and noticed malabsorpion of nutrients. My mother was diagosed with what was then called non-tropical sprue more than 50 years ago. I'm 56. I had right shoulder blade pain that went away after less than a week of low fat and no gluten diet. I had spagetti yesterday and for lunch today. The right shoulder blade pain has come back and that was what took me to the chiropractor to begin with.

I grew up in a celiac household and cooked for my mother when she became too weak. Foods weren't labeled then and I think ice cream fooled us. I have always cooked from scratch, don't eat much processed foods but I do love my gluten. I think I'm going to avoid gluten and told my daughter to cut back and don't give the boys much. In time of stress one beer has doubled over my daughter and nephew. In reading a little here it sounds like diagnosis is still difficult. When my daughter was pregnant she had a celiac bloodtest done and it came back negative. My personal opinion is that testing doesn't mean much. But then I have the family history to guide me. My aunt was lactose intolerant. I exercise, have no other known health issue, and am a 5'10" woman in good shape.

I'm wondering what/if I should get tests done since it seems inconclusive anyway. I do have insurance

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