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Seattle-ites, Help Me Find Beer!

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I'm heading to a birthday party this weekend, and I'd like to take some beer along with me (to go with the beer that others will be having). I'm not a big beer drinker, but with the big gash on my face and the wacky food I'll be eating, I'm in the mood to fit in a bit. But there's no time to order online, and I'm not paying $70 for a case!

Anyone in Seattle know where I can get gluten-free beer? I'll go cider if I have to, but I'd prefer beer. I'll go into the city if I have to, but I'd prefer eastside. :P

Thanks guys, y'all wrock! :)

(PS - the 'gash on my face' story: I was volunteering - with the friend who's birthday party I'll be going to this weekend - at a tree planting watershed restoration project, and was clearing slash so there would be room to plant native ground cover plants. My husband and I were moving a 10 foot section of tree that had been thinned from an overplanted area, and as it was going down on the slash pile, the bottom end came up, and hit me in the face where I was leaning over, a bit off balance, smacking me in the chin and just below the lip. Five hours later (it was about an hour to get to the hospital), I left the ER with twenty stitches (two inside my mouth, six in the muscle layer, and a dozen in the upper layer) between my lip (the laceration went all the way through) and chin, and one FAT lip! It doesn't hurt as much as you might think for getting whacked in the face by a 10 foot chunk of tree, and now I can say that I've had work done by a plastic surgeon! (That's because the cut was on the vermillion border, where the lip transitions to facial skin.) Stitches come out Friday! Good thing it wasn't a head wound up higher; I had given blood three days earlier, and didn't have a lot of extra blood in my system to lose!)

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Update: After talking to a couple places, turns out, none of the distributors send gluten-free beer to Washington at this point. Boo-hiss! Guess I'll be looking for ciders...

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