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Blood Test Negative - Frustrated

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All my bloodwork has come back negative including the celiac panel, which took the longest to return. I'm very confused; at the time of the bloodwork I had been eating gluten save for the last two days. I also had symptoms of cramping, gas, C and D alternately, abdominal pain. Afraid to eat because of the horrible effects. I did end up staying gluten free for about three weeks (after the tests) except for hair products. I did get better pretty fast and felt good for a while.

Then my blood test came back negative and all blood and stool work showed I was in fine health so I started eating foods I had avoided - spicy, fatty meat, dairy - again. Then I ate fried stuff with gluten and didn't immediately feel bad but do now - 3-5 days later. All symptoms returning, except for the really bad pain - so far.

I have gotten a referral to a Gastro but who knows when I'll get in to see him. Doctor thinks maybe its an allergy. For now, I'm trying to go back to gluten free (as well as bland foods to try and nurse my symptoms back down) but no one close to me is being very supportive since there is no diagnosis. AAARGGG. So I'm depressed and not looking forward to my dinner of white rice.

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i feel bad for you. even though i have not got my blood work back i know how you feel. They have run tons of tests on me costing me a fortune in money and i have not recived anything from any of them besides one test showed a very small amount of scallping in my small intestine, so everyone i know basically disregards that there is anything wrong and they all think im just a huge hypo. Hope everything works out for you and stay strong

maybe stewie can give you a giggle

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Guest jhmom

I understand your frustration, hang in there! Just to let you know ALL of my blood test and biopsies came back negative too and I DO have Celiac! After a ton of tests all coming back negative I decided to get tested thru Enterolab and it was positive! It seems as tho you already have your answers since you improved on a gluten-free diet, so in my opinion there is really no sense in seeing a GI not unless you NEED a dx!

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